I've been Tagged!!

Alright, now what? LOL! My dear friend Megan has tagged me today, asking me to post my favorite creation when I was designing. Please bear in mind I haven’t designed anything in almost two years, Boutique Cafe takes so much of my time and is my “Creative Outlet” (har har Megan). If I had to pick my favorite creation it would definitely be my kids, but since they don’t qualify for this Tagging I’ll post some images to appease my boutique buddies.This Haute Chocolate set was so dreamy when complete, I loved the funky aspect to it and my friend’s daughter Spencer played it up so beautifully too. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, I have a few but it’s funny because as I look back at my design work some of the ones that jump out to me weren’t cutting edge, they were simple but I remember stitching them with love in my heart for the little girl who would were them. Then at the moment when your model puts on the creation and you see it on a child, well that’s magic. I can’t post my faves without posting this little set too. It was the combination of polkadots in red and white, with the pink that’s wrapped me around it’s little finger. I got so many emails about this set with the funky pageboy hat, everyone was so kind. Again Spencer rocked it out!
In posting about my previous designer life, I can’t post anything without mentioning my friend Debbie and her precious daughter Kylie who modeled for me for several years. I love that kid! She’s a total little superstar and even though I don’t have a picture up of her, I just adore and appreciate all that he and Debbie did to support me. They are amazing!

The Birthday Girl Turned 25

Ah yes, 25! That magical number, that carefree age. I vaguely remember how it felt to be mid-twenty, so fresh and untainted by the world. Now that I’m 30 something, it’s not that easy to be untainted, I find my opinions are getting stronger and my confidence in my abilities are growing with my rising birth number. Yesterday my gorgeous sister-in-law Liz turned 25, I’m excited to report that the birthday girl is far more confident, self assured and on track than I ever was in my early twenties. I’m proud of how Liz has really grown in her roles as wife and mother to her sweet children. I loved her so much when I married into her family, she made me feel welcome in their little circle right away and told me many times how happy she was that I was marrying her brother. But I find I really love her all the more now as I’ve watched her go from teenage girl to beautiful mother. Last night we celebrated her day at Chianti’s and the meal was superb. You know it’s an amazing meal when you want to lick the plate, and truly I wanted to. Had there not been so many people around I likely would have. After dinner we drove to Liz and Kent’s home for some dessert and present opening. Her sweet mini-preggo self looked gorgeous in her new dresses. The highlight for me was being able to visit with them without any little ones tugging at my heels or toppling anything over. We’re talking real grownup mingling. Happy Birthday Liz – you shine!

The Biggest or Best?

Brigs has a real thing about size lately. You can’t tell him that he’s getting bigger or growing bigger without hearing “no I’m not. I’m small!” in his proud little voice. I think he really loves being a cute little person all jam packed into that 4 year old body. He’s now taken to telling me with great enthusiasm “You’re the BIGGEST Mommy in the Whole World!” I’m hoping this is his way of saying best and not literally biggest. :)

Hanging Out

Last night I was shocked to find out the trust level that Brigs has in his bigger brother Joshua. Though the two are mearly 13 months apart, Joshua is quite a bit bigger and stronger than Brigs. The point was made even clearer last night when Brigs dropped his favorite little lizard toy behind our tall new couches. Suddenly I turned to find Joshua lowering Brigs down behind the couch to reach the toy. Brigs was upside-down with Joshua holding to his heels. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Joshy’s face turning red, calling ” Brigs grab it, grab the toy!” and Brigs upside-down laughing and saying “I got it Josh!!”

I couldn’t believe that Joshy was strong enough to hold that weight for so long, but even further impressed that Brigs allowed him to suspend him in mid air. What lovely brothers and friends, I’m trying to think of which friend of mine I would trust to hold me upside-down by the heels. I’ll get back to you on that one! LOL

Nate in Niagara

It’s been an interesting weekend with Nathan away. He left on Thursday for the romantic destination of Niagara Falls, but no romance for Nate he’s flying solo. My hubby is attending a cool dental course out there and is pumped about how great it was. Sadly he missed his flight home last night (see his blog soon for details I’m sure) and is now stuck midway home in Montreal. I look forward to the opportunity to be able to travel with him sometime – he’s so fun on vacation! I can’t wait to see him, when he’s out of town it’s so clear to me how much I miss him and need him. His presence is so key to the way our family functions, plus I don’t sleep well without him there. Luckily I have Noah eager to sleep next to me on Nate’s pillow and kick me in the face throughout the night. We keep in close contact through the wonders of the technical age, it’s so amazing to be able to iChat and email with someone when they’re hours and hours away! I love the computer. It’s also fun to read the messages he’ll send over, cute flirty little messages that make me feel so special to him. So until he gets home I’m going to cuddle up with my kids today and watch the mountain of movies that I rented to keep me entertained in the evenings if I just couldn’t manage to fall asleep without him here. Good News, I was able to grab a few hours of rest and now my precious Joshua is suggesting that we “Go and Make Laundry!” LOL!! What a great idea, some clean clothes are just what this family needs, he’s his father’s son to be sure.

A recent photo and more

I’m actually liking this picture of me, the textures are so interesting. I love black and white, it hides a multitude of sins. LOL! This was one of the worst of the bunch, but once cropped and b&w now I don’t mind sharing.

I miss taking pictures lately. There’s something so freeing and wondrous about playing photographer and seeing if the pictures that you take can match the image and vision you have in your mind. My favorite shots to take have got to be people, I love faces and expressions. I’m not by any means a great photographer, but I love the way you can capture a mood or expression that so fully represents the way that person really is in that moment. At a future time in my life I will have a studio in my home, and I will devote more time and attention to learning more about my camera and light. I’m awed by some of the talented photographers that I know, Maggie is incredible – I’d love to be her pupil and just soak in whatever tid bits she could impart to me someday. I was lucky enough to be her assistant for the day when Katie and Conor were getting married. She took Katie all around the city a few days before the wedding and did a huge photo shoot of the gorgeous bride in all these incredible settings. I loved just watching the way Maggie set the scene and knew instinctively when to take the shot. She’s also the master at posing and positioning, I think she visualized the entire shoot before we ever got there and knew exactly which shots she wanted to grab. Um yes, I’m a fan.

Tick Tock

I can hear a ticking…can you hear it? Maybe it’s my last ditch effort at finally having a little girl to add to our family but I must admit that the ticking is getting louder and louder. Crazy, in fact not 2 years ago I remember thinking that it was all over, I was done…never again. But, time passes and when I look at Noah growing so big and sweet I miss that infant stage of cuddling up and blissful baby sounds and smells. Nothing is more heavenly than that precious tiny one, your little miracle. I am proud to say, I want that again. I’ve been thinking of adoption alot, but my heart keeps coming back to trying for a baby of our own once again. I picture our home in future years, full to the brim with activity and excitment. We have so much to look forward to and to be grateful for. We have the sweetest boys on earth and they are adorable in every way. It’s so interesting, the calling of a Mother. I know that I was meant to be their mommy, and now I feel there’s one more person I am meant to mother. Somehow and someway I know we’ll figure it out. Any hesitation you ask? I’m sure there will be in a day or two, stay tuned.