Fun in the Snow

Yesterday we took our boys tobagganing to a cool park near our house. The park is surrounded by a bowl like design that allows for a huge area to sleigh down. I admit that I’m not the most brave or coordinated person when it comes to outdoor activites. I first looked at the hill and freaked out a little thinking about sending our children down this monsterous slope alone on a crazy carpet. But once Dylan and Nathan broke the ice and laughed and screamed down the hill, there was just no stopping our younger boys. Joshua took to tobagganing like a fish to water, jumping on the crazy carpet and laughing all the way down. Brigs and Noah were precious in their little puffy snow pants, waddling through the drifts and playing on the smaller hills. In fact, Noah enjoyed the experince so much. I’ll never forget his cute little red cheeks with a huge grin on his face and then his little voice exclaiming “One, Two, Three—WEEEEEE!” Nathan ran ahead of his little sleight holding to the rope and making sure he was safe and sound. Noah was so brave and came running up to me grabbing my face and saying “Cooold!” when he wanted to get into the van. The boys were in playtime heaven and thought it was the most fun ever. I took my turn also on the sleigh a few times, battling my fear of heights is not something that I try to attempt on a daily basis – the less I have to throw myself in the face of that terror the better. But Dylan and Nathan would not be persuaded to let me just enjoy the children having fun, they wanted to see the Ice Princess on a board of doom. And so with much fear I plummeted down the hill, screaming all the way. In fact I was laughing and screaming quite enthusiastically when I hit an unexpected bump and managed to bite my tongue in the process! That’s just soooo me (remind me to tell you someday of my first ski trip ever- it was a doozy). We had so much fun and though my uncoordinated and less than graceful desent was not my idea of a “cool ride”, Dylan assured me that when I hit that bump it was “Rockin!!” So the fact that I impressed my pre-teen is enough for me to feel a sense of pride as I gargle today with salt water trying to heal my poor tongue. I have to admit that getting out into the fresh air and seeing my children enjoy each other was one of the best parts of my week. And by the way, my husband is FEARLESS when it comes to catapuling down a hill on a little mat – his sister Nicole would be soo proud!!!

Blogging Back At It

After much persuasion from my MIL I’ve decided to take up the art of blogging once again and post about our family and all the funny stuff our children say. Now that I’m back here it seems funny to try to come up with what to share and how to start again. It used to come so naturally, once you have blogging on the brain you begin to think of sharing things in a blog type of way. Hopefully this time around I will remember to still call up my family and tell them in person what the news is in addition to the blog copy. Right now we’re cuddled up on the couch watching AFV (America’s Funniest Video’s) and laughing at all the hilarious people getting socked in the crotch and dumped into the snow piles! Ahhh life is good! LOL.