Stick a fork in him – he's done!!!

TODAY is Nathan’s last of a bevy of dental exams then it’s a few glorious weeks of having hubby around again before convocation and his official new title of Dr. added to his name. Soon our mail will be addressed Dr. & Mrs. – hilarious! I am so so proud of my amazing man. Dental school is no picnic or walk in the park, it’s years of sacrifice for him in some of the other delights of life, as well as being a constant stress worrying if your brain can possibly hold one more thing! I’ve watched Nathan change over the past few years, some of the changes I like (some I don’t!) LOL! I am so grateful to have him as my husband, I honestly could not be more proud. I’m beaming today with gratitude for his hard work and excited for his new profession to begin. I have no doubt that Nathan can do anything and succeed at it, he’s just got that “it” factor! Here’s my sweetheart – on top of the world!!

The Download

Hey just feeling the need to sit down in front of the computer and have everything I’ve experienced lately magically type itself into blog format for future record. Unfortunately I’m well aware that if I don’t blog it right away by the time I can spare a moment for the computer I’ve lost the enthusiasm for sharing. As I’ve hit my 30′s I’ve noticed a definite trend in my ability and interest in sharing information with everyone, I’m just not friendly anymore. LOL! Nathan often laughs at me when I complain that having to regurgitate any stories of my kids or my own travels just sends me into a weird cocoon of secrecy. I don’t understand where this came from? Is it genetic? I have no clue. All I know is that the desire to gush about my kids (believe me they are doing cute things), or spout off about all the things I am doing that I don’t have time for would take too long. Maybe that’s it! I’m just trying to conserve energy because being a mother of 4 boys is exhausting and then being the only female in the household can be emotional and lonely at times. I’ve lost the talent of the daily download, needing to articulate my every step, my every encounter. Now I just store it away in my own thoughts and know that I had an interesting day. How can that be enough? I’m a girl, I should be bursting at the seams wanting to share what I ate for dinner, if anyone hurt my feelings and what color of shirt I wore today. NOT HAPPENING! If any of you women out there have gone through this, I would love to hear about it. Is this some natural thing that I should just accept and realize is another wonderful part about being a woman in her 30′s? Maybe I’m just more confident and don’t need the validation of someone telling me I did the right thing or the wrong thing in any given situation or like I said before I may just be totally self involved and unable to reach beyond myself and the immediate vicinity. I care, I think I feel more deeply as a mother than I ever have before in my life. I’m just in a strange stage and hoping to snap out of it and into some serious carefree openness and wild abandon anyday now. When I snap you’d all better watch out! I’ve got a wild streak in me just bursting to get out (if I could only find it). So in the mean time I will just say the trivial that my kids are cute, my life is peachy and I have SOOO much going on with not enough time in the day to focus on any one thing perfectly. WHoah Nellie – did I just share something????? Nope! ROTFL!