Don't hate me because I'm a Blog Slacker

SuperMom is in a super blog slump. I miss my blog, my readers and their comments. I miss putting my crazy life out there into the world and hearing that other Mom’s out there are going through the exact same insanity that I am. It’s been so long since I blogged on a regular basis and now I only get comment lovin’ from the casino pushers, and body part enlargement spammers!

I’ve been sick this week, looking like a grubby mom drug through the ditch in rainy season. Not only have I developed a new and oh so personal relationship with my toilet bowl again but my kiddos have all decided that misery loves company and decided to join mommy in worshipping the porcelain idol of pukeyness. Several times this week while crawling on the floor to get around because I couldn’t stand from lack of energy, I wished that my Mommy would just drive 7 hours to my house and take care of me like she did when I was little. I remember being sick as a child and I looked forward to when my Mom would walk in the door from work. She would come in and sit beside me on the couch and put her cold hands on my forehead and cheeks to feel my temperature, somehow that simple gesture sticks in my mind. I loved the feeling of her cool hands on my face caring for me, it’s actually one of my favorite memories from my childhood. Well back to reality Daria! You are not a child, you’re gulp….32 and nobody is going to baby the heck out of you while you recover now. Mom’s don’t get sick days, they still need to function even if it is in low gear – it’s the rule I can’t make that up.

Are any of you as addicted to Dancing with the Stars as I am? Oh my gosh I love that show. Tell me – who are you rooting for? You can vote for your faves HERE.