Time to INDULGE!!

Well I for one am always willing to think, dream and yes of course indulge in chocolate but now with Emi’s blog SIMPLY INDULGE I can let her feel all the quilt of eating those tasty desserts and enjoy her perfectly luscious descriptions of everything beautiful in the world! Check out Emi’s blog and join in the wondrous discovery of Chocolate, designer jeans, great shoes and all those little indulgences that are a must have.

Angel face

Noah (not to mention the other kids) have been having a terrible time sleeping recently. I swear they could stay up till 2 am and then wake up a few times after. It is always this way after we’ve gone away on a trip – I guess Christmas holidays did them in because now we’re totally paying for it. It’s 6:21 am and I haven’t slept. I’m tired, exhausted and my brain is fried. Noah has finally fallen asleep on my lap and though it would be easy to be bitter for the lack of rest I can’t help but be grateful for the chance to watch him sleep in my arms. His sweet face and lovely little lips, I could seriously just eat him up. He’s so beautiful to me. I’m so glad that God put this into mothers, the ability to totally adore one who comes between you and your most precious sleep. I could be cranky and would be if it were anyone else but he’s totally stolen my heart and I never want it back!
Good night my lovely one. xo! Mom

Hey It's De-lurking week!

Well true to form I’m several days late, and many dollars short! I totally missed that it was De-Lurking week. For all those that stop by please post a hello and let me know you’ve been here baby! Thanks for visiting Daria’s Life – now hold on for the ride, it’s bumpy around here.

Also I want to give a Shout Out to The Mom Salon for adding me to their amazing family of Mommy Bloggers! What a treat to be one of your newest 5 MAMA bloggers. Check out The Mom Salon today.

I love you more than I need to be right

Is that a compliment? lol!! I heard this recently from my hubby after we disagreed about something. When he said that we totally cracked up laughing. I said ” I don’t think that’s quite the compliment that you think it is!! LOL. It implies that I’m wrong but you love me in spite of it.”
Anyway we had a really good laugh about it, but what do you think? Is that a HUGE compliment or is it a way of saying, “I’m right but I’ll be quiet now and look over your serious wrong-ness”?

Let’s have a little poll, but if you disagree with me I want you all to know that I love you more than I need you to agree with me! ;)

JENTHEMOM РBlogging Mama visits Boutique Caf̩

Jen and DariaI’m over the moon excited because one of my Fave Mommy Bloggers was my guest this week on Boutique Café. jenthemom.com talks about her own blogging experinces, how newbies to blogging can get started, her 2 kids and of course her own unique brand of hilarity!
Be sure to pop by and listen to Jen and I at Boutique Cafeand be sure to stop by her blog and comment – she loves comments – it’s like chocolate or anti-depressants to her.

Marie is a Mrs. now!!

So much is going on in our lives over the past few weeks, our new and gorgeous niece Vienna Belle arrived on the scene. Nathan’s brother Conor arrived home after serving a mission for two years in Scotland. The holidays full of excitement, good food and great family all rolled up into two glorious weeks of non-reality. It’s been a whirlwind. Sadly I was not able to stay in Calgary for my friend Marie’s wedding and reception last night (New Year’s Eve). Marie I do want you to know that I thought about you non-stop yesterday and wished I could be there to be by your side and witness your wonderful day. I am positive that you looked radiant and that it was unforgettable in every detail – I can’t wait to see pictures!! So here’s to Mrs. Marie Froese my dear friend and new blushing bride – may you and Wade have every happiness and blessing in your life together. Have a great honeymoon girl (call me when you get back). :)

Now I’m off to set some goals for myself in this new year – 2006 is going to be great!