So how's your Christmas list coming along?

I think that I just might make it! Nathan and I have ended up shopping together over the past week now that Nathan is off school for the holidays and have managed to widdle down our Christmas list substantially! Oh it feels so good, I do love Christmas and I love giving something special to those who are so important to me. One of the things that has been a huge adjustment for me is the “drawing of names” in one of our families. As the family grows it’s quite alot of gifts to buy or make and so the siblings and spouses draw names the past few years. Try as I may this is a hard thing to wrap my head around, I love them all, I want to spoil them all!! LOL!! And yet the names are drawn and so even when I see the PERFECT gift for one of them, with the Perfect price I have to resist or it will throw off the delicate balance of Christmas presents in favor of one individual! L!
We’re excitedly anticipating the birth of our new little niece this holiday season, she’s due any day now and we hear that the contractions are starting to kick in. I’m just praying for a really decent delivery for Liz this time – she deserves it! We all know that no matter when her little bundle of girl arrives that Liz is going to look like a model and be back to her pre-preggo size within a blink! That girl is amazing. And then there’s Nicole who’s just a beautiful pregnant girl too, not due for awhile longer but definitely carrying a girl as well. I am so choked at both of you for having all these girls! I’m resigned to the fact that a girl just isn’t in the cards for me and so if I ever decide to get pregnant again I’d better really really want another boy! :)
It seems that pregnancy is on a rampage these days – Liz and Nicole, my dear friend Maja, Jen the Mom, and a host of other friends are all expecting. I just want a treadmill for Christmas! I can envision myself melting away those extra baby/endulgence pounds running every so gracefully on my new treadmill in the living room. It would have to be right out there for me to see cuz if I had to go into another room to use it there would be no point.
Well I have to run! I have 11 dozen packages of secret Fudge to make by tommorrow night for our cookie exchange and I can’t wait to see what we get in return! So how’s your Christmas list coming along?