An Oldie but a Goodie!

You’ve tuned in today for my Milestone Moment – yes tomorrow is my Birthday (a day I used to prep everyone for two months ahead of time, and now I cringe at the 28 date coming up on the calendar). Don’t laugh it’s true, SuperMom is turning 32! I know my Mom will back me up and tell you all that it hardly seems possible, I’m so young, so vibrant, and that there’s no way she is old enough to have a Thirtysomething daughter but she’d be lying. LOL! I used to dream of presents wrapped in beautiful tissue with clothing or fun trinkets of somekind – you know you’re older when you dream of getting new pots and pans!!! This is probably the place where I should spout some knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my vast 32 years of life, but I’m not going to bore you. Have fun, enjoy your youth, save early in life for the day when you decide that botox and lipo ain’t such a bad idea. Oh, if I had only started saving for future procedures when I was a little girl!!

Helping Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Boutique Angels Boutique Designers are joining together in a massive effort to raise much needed funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Many of our very own members of the designing community have lost their homes and all their possessions. The Boutique Angels are a group of designers with big hearts who have donated their time, materials and talent to create some beautiful boutique auctions available right now on eBay. The auctions will run throughout the month of September featuring boutique, handmade clothing and accessories and 100% of the profits from the sales will go directly to support the hurricane victims

Please search “Boutique Angels Charity” in your eBay search box and bid high and often to give a gift of hope to those who are struggling.

For additional information or if you are a designer that wants to get involved please visit the Boutique Angels website at

***UPDATE – as of Monday, Sept 5th the Boutique Angels auctions have already raised over $18,000 and we’re still going strong! Literally Hundreds and Hundreds of auctions have been listed to aid in this cause. Please click on the Boutique Angels image above and bid generously.

Vertigo and Joshy James

The past few weeks I’ve been struggling, coping and freaking out over the fact that I somehow have an inner ear infection and my world is literally spinning 24/7! Vertigo is not a
plesant thing to deal with and though I try to stay positive and get up when I can, it’s been hard to do the things I need to around my home and with my children. Today I went back in to the doctor and Joshy wanted to come in with me. He was so interested in her office and what those foot rest things at the end of the exam table were for. When my Doctor walks in he sweetly looks up at her and says “Please, please make my mommy better Doctor” – it totally melted me and charmed my physican too! She loaded him up with stickers and told him that he was adorable!