5th Anniversay

On Friday Nathan and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary. It’s been a fun benchmark year to sit back and reflect on all that has happened in the past 5 years and though in the course of a lifetime 5 years may seem small, we’ve jam packed family action into each year with Dylan being adopted by Nathan and three little babies together – all that plus Dental School, moving several times, a few fun companies that we started through our entrepreneurial interestes, podcasting, blogging, visits to family and an occasional date night. Yes life is good, we’re happy and I can honestly say that I’m still head over heels in love with the guy. Make no mistake, I know that he’s not perfect – that naive notion left me awhile ago (hee hee) but there are so many qualities and experinces that we have shared together that make me realize how I love him more now than I did on the day we wed. For instance:
I love that we daily laugh ourselves silly over things, he always makes me laugh and smile even 5 years later.
I love that he is adoring of me and our children, he can be tender and attentive.
I love that he is a wonderful example to me in so many ways, I enjoy his company – I like being around him. Plus the guy is hot – trust me! :) (good genes!)

We went out to eat dinner at a place called the Granary and it was wonderful, the food was excellent and the service was impressive. We even went out shopping and Nathan bought me a gorgeous dress that I totally love! The best part was just hanging out together and reflecting on our wedding day. I love that day, it was so perfect and I hope to blog a personal entry about the details of that day so I always have it.
Well life is good, I am proudly and gratefully married to a guy I adore and who shows me constantly that he loves me back. What a blessing to be happy, sometimes it’s the daily things that perhaps we don’t always notice that bring us the most joy. Having a companion that you enjoy being with makes all the mundane things of daily life so much brighter. Happy Anniversary Honey – I love you so much! XOXOXO


Oh man, I don’t know what to do with myself. The baby and Brigs are both asleep and Nathan just took Dylan and Joshy to the swimming pool for the next few hours! I am giddy with delight, what to do with time all for me?? Hot bubble bath, sewing, blogging, read a book, paint my toe nails????? It’s nice to actually feel this way, free to choose my activity – I’m a liking it!! LOL

Well don’t call me, I’m not answering the phone. I’m going to go cram as much of my list into the next few hours that I can and feel like a queen! Ciao Darlings!

For Nathan's benefit

While we were driving home the other day I was looking up at the sky, the clouds were full and white so beautiful. I blissfully leaned over to Nathan and said “You know honey, I wonder if God sometimes puts pictures in the clouds just to see if we are paying attention?” His reply “Honey, you’re gonna have to BLOG that quote!” LOL!

Summer Vacation -part 1

We’re home! Yeppers finally back in our own beds, treading through our own messy house. The kids were so happy to get back to their bikes, toys and Joshy tells me that he even “missed the curtains” :)
I can’t believe we didn’t melt on the way home through Drumheller, it was so hot and we had no a/c in our car. The kids were so good, happily watching a dvd in the backseat with icecream and slurpee’s dripping down their hot little faces. We took them to the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum and that was an adventure more for Nathan, Dylan and I as we tried to keep up with two energetic toddlers and a baby that just wanted to nap. Joshy ran off and nearly gave me a heart attack (not because I couldn’t see him but because my legs couldn’t move that fast!! LOL). We went to the huge spray park in Drumheller after that to cool off and eat some satisfying and fattining McDonald’s! A HUGE T-rex hangs over the park and you can even take tours up inside of him to the observation deck (his mouth) and look out over Drumheller and all it’s splendor. “Oh look! a water tower!!” :)
The spray park was hilarious as there were people who stripped down to their skivvies in the middle of town just to run through the water fountain! Dylan and I were totally cracking up that people were in their undies outside! So you can just imagine how hot it must have been, however no amount of blistering temperature could get me to strip down to my undies in public! LOL!