What does Happiness mean to you?

For my children today HAPPINESS means having a HELL of alot of Tide laundry detergent and throwing it, rolling in it, pouring it into boxes…onto fabric…into every crevice of the basement. Perfect for sliding in when you run through from the other side of the room. Oh and it smells like lemons too! For me HAPPINESS today was my shop vac, my prozac and oh Bedtime! Can’t forget Bedtime. (sorry no pictures available of this lovely family moment of discovery)

Dylan's Hair

OK now I’m ready to cry – well either that or lock Dylan up in a tower somewhere. Last night he ran with me to the drugstore and while we were there he mentioned that he wanted to dye his hair (um ok, I wasn’t quite ready for that). He wanted to dye it black and I said NO WAY buddy. His skin is pale white, he’d look scary with black hair! LOL! I told him that we could do some highlights to his hair though if he wanted to try it out and he was sooo excited. He picked a kit that was easy and added blonde highlights. So we ran home at 11:00pm and started the process. It was so fun! We laughed and talked while I put the lightener into his hair. He could hardly stand the 20 minute wait to see what it would look like. After we washed it out it looked SO good and I helped him blow dry and style his hair. Well, the kid was over the moon about it – he was feeling really great about himself and his appearance. The highlights are very natural and subtle, they add more color to his complexion which is nice and even have a bit of a golden/carmel hue in places. He’s thrilled and I’m happy that he didn’t run off to a friends house and dye it black! LOL

I sat there in bed last night thinking about how much he’s grown up, it wasn’t that long ago that he was just a little guy tagging around after me and now he’s interested in hair color! Who knew! I think that if any kid has the potential to be an exceptional teenager it’s Dylan. I’ll post his blonde pics later.

Two years ago today

Two years ago today my Grandma.W passed away. I had forgotten the date but Mom called me this afternoon to remind me of the anniversary. Grandma’s Funeral was not your typical funeral in any way, it was more like a wonderful reunion party. Our whole family drew such happiness and comfort from knowing that Grandma and Grandpa were finally together. They had this beautiful love story and a deep friendship, they were salt of the earth people, simple but stalwart and true. Their legacy is in each of their children, and scores of grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren. I miss their faces and their voices but I honestly feel their influence and love even when they are not with me. There are some people who live what the world considers to be Great lives, they build fortunes, run huge companies, beat the odds to win championships, or invent amazing things. To me a Great life is one like that of my Grandparents, their sweet and simple values that they passed down to each of their descendants. Their love of each other, their belief in God, their values of family – these are the things that touch me as Great. These are the goals that I set for my own. I am grateful to know that it’s possible to live such a life, the path has already been trodden beautifully by my own ancestors. What an awesome blessing to have that kind of example for life. It’s not a sad day for me, it’s a day of thankfulness and of joy – I know that my Grandparents are together and more in love than ever just waiting for us all to be together again. I believe it and know it in the fibre of my being and that makes it a happy day for me.

Happy Camper

Dylan is now experincing his second day of summer camp and enjoying the break away from the Nintendo! LOL! (I doubt that, I’m sure he dreams at night about which guy he is going to use to defeat some other guy). Yesterday they played all day at the lake, in the pool and at a waterslide – ROCKIN’ CAMP man! When I went to camp as a teenager they gave us a pocket knife and a rock and told us to go sit on a stump and sharpen the knife for a few hours – good times baby, good times. My poor pale as snow boy came home very burned on his back and splotchy on the rest of his arms and face. Uneven application of sunscreen totally bites. I sprayed him down with aloe vera/lidocane spray, he had a massive headache last night and I’m thinking that he got kind of dehydrated out in the heat. I made him take a few more juice boxes and water bottles today just to be sure, don’t want him resorting to drinking any lake water! :) He’s having fun with his three best friends out there, they all got to be in the same group so you just can’t beat that! The communication between these boys frustrates the heck out of me. For instance I had Dylan ask one of them who attended the same camp last year what they did for activities and if he had a good time. The answer was “um, I don’t remember”. Or when they talk on the phone it’s “hi, it’s Dylan. You know that part on the Yu-gi-oh game where some guy crushes some other guy with his powers? I’m in that spot of the game. Bye”
Where’s the communication? Where’s the getting to know your friends? Do kids talk about anything besides games and movies these days? Maybe it’s just being boys and I can’t relate? Help me here, I’m so lost and I’m not THAT old and out of date yet.

The power in a name

My darling Noah said his second word the other day. I admit that I was super jealous that his first word was DA-DA and that he’s say it with such sweet exuberance to Nathan directly, knowing exactly who he was speaking to. I crept into his room at night and spoke subliminal messages into his restful state “Ma-ma, Ma-ma” ROTFL! I didn’t really do that but I thought about it. When he finally said Mama the other day I welled up with tears, it touched me so much that he knew who I was. I wasn’t just a milk maid to him, I’m his mama!! He’s called me that several times now and each time my heart is full of parental pride – you know the kind where no other person’s child in the universe could possibly be as adorable as your own! Yep I’m in love with this baby, I’ve said it many times before I know but he’s just a really special kid with the most lovely spirit and personality about him. Thanks for letting me gush once again over little chubbs!

Rights of Passage

Our son Dylan is growing up before my eyes, I’ve noticed the glaringly obvious truth that my first baby is changing and maturing. He eagerly tells you that he’s a “pre-teenager” and I’ve noticed that he’s just different about some things. Probably small and unnoticeable things to anyone who doesn’t know him well, but Mommy’s know. Today I took him to the bank to open his first savings account, he was OVER THE MOON excited. The bank lady spoke to him directly and explained everything to him in detail, I think he felt very grown up and responsible for his own money now. It was fun to see him excited about saving (a talent that he surely didn’t inherit from me). He got to pick his own pin number and was thrilled about that too, and exclaimed that he couldn’t tell me what it was because it was private! LOL! I remember him as a toddler, the sweet little freckle covered face and laid back attitude. He’s always been just a dream child, in fact sometimes when he’s a bit less than perfect some-days I know it really affects me because the kid is just so dang good all of the time. I love that kid, I don’t want him to grow up too fast and leave me. I have anxiety everytime I allow myself to think of him all grown up off at college or getting married and moving away (and by away I mean down the block because living in at least the same city is essential to my plans!) ROTFL.
Do you have pre-teens that are aging and changing before your eyes too? Let me know how it’s going for you?

Our New Love

Nathan and I have a new love in our lives, our relationship, our home, our waking hours…it’s called Pod-casting and it’s the hottest form of Radio on Demand.
This phenomenon is sweeping not only the nation but quite frankly the world. You can subscribe to your favourite broadcasts and listen to them on your computer or even your MP3 player. Now you can listen whenever and wherever you want. The listener is totally in control – mmmmm….control. :)
You can listen in to such personalities as those found on www.mommycast.com I love those Mommy’s

But hang on to your socks people my amazingly talented hubby and I are going to be pod-casting guru’s. Just click the link to Nathan’s blog and hear his first
pod-cast audio, yes we’ve jumped in with both feet into the wonderful happy world of audio technology and computer brilliance. :)
Nate’s Blog

My Feisty Grandma

Today I find myself missing my roots and thinking of my Grandparents. All of my Grandparents have now passed away and it’s funny what things instantly trigger a memory of them for me. Like this morning for instance while I picked up a large kitchen knife in order to cut something. I suddenly remembered how my Grandma B. used to shove a large kitchen knife through her front door jam at night. It was her “alternative lock” and it gave her enough piece of mind to allow her to sleep in that little apartment not worried about intruders. We often chuckled at how sorry any intruder would be trying to walk into Grandma’s house. You wouldn’t want to mess with her, he was a Bouncer in her younger days and feisty every day of her life. She had a long staircase right at her front door and all along the top ledge were nicknacks, ornaments and sharp frames. I asked her one time why she put them there and she said that if anyone got past her knife lock then they’d be getting all of those ornaments crashing onto their heads!! LOL! Oh how I love and miss my Grandma. B. She was a kind and loving person and the most generous person I have ever met bar none. It wasn’t that she had alot, it was that she GAVE alot. I hope that in that way I can grow to be like her. You never left her house empty handed, it didn’t matter who you were she always had something to give you. When she was ill in the hospital before she died we all went as a family to sing to her. I remember holding her hand and telling her not to be afraid, that it was ok to go. She’d had such a struggle, she was so sick and seeing her little body curled up in that bed when she could barely swallow water from a tiny sponge on her tongue or open her eyes is ingrained into my memory. I prefer to think about her as my dear friend that she always was to me while I was growing up. She loved me and I knew it. She always made me feel special and listened to everything I wanted to tell her. She had a hard life but she was a fighter, a beautiful red haired fireball! I loved to sleep over at her house, she would let me wash the floor and stairs and then pay me five dollars. We’d hop in a taxi and go to the mall where we’d buy something wonderful for me and we’d eat fries, gravy and 7-up. I still love fries and gravy to this day – it’s the PERFECT comfort food for me. Grandma always supplied me with dolls and barbie’s, dresses and my favourite cereal. When we’d go to her house she had short glasses with frosted pictures on them and would serve us sprite or 7-up every time. She always had a big bowl of candy for everyone to try, usually with liquorice all-sorts in it. Grandma had two birds that were her faithful companions for a few years. When they got sick or were about to die Grandma would give them a tiny dropper of whiskey and darned if those birds didn’t live longer because of it!
This little trip down memory lane has been sweet indulgence for me today. I love my Grandma and I feel so blessed to have had her love in my young life. I can often still hear her voice picking up the phone and being thrilled to hear that it was me calling. There’s no love quite like that of a Grandparent, I’m convinced that it’s almost worth aging just to be able to love as unconditionally as a Grandparent can.