Bye Bye Wisdom

Today I had the honor of having my husband assist in a dental procedure that involved the yanking out of two of my wisdom teeth. His Prof. and super Extractionist did the actual yanking and Nathan was the lucky man to give me the needles. He gave me many cuz I’m a big baby! I was um… anxious to say the least today, usually I’m not that freaked out about going to the dentist but these teeth have been the source of a great amount of pain, discomfort and migranes for me for so long, and the thought kept coming into my mind that they were hanging in there with their little roots twisted into my jaw for dear life. The first tooth was actually a breeze (if I do say so myself) but the second one was lodged in my lower jaw bone and tucked a corner under it’s neighbour tooth. Let me just say that he didn’t want to let go of his buddy and they needed to break out the drill in order to separate them from each other and from the bone. Can you say pain? Pressure? ROTFL umm it was interesting, I thought my jaw was going to rip off he was yanking that tooth so hard. No amount of freezing can take away the fact that someone with pliers is reefing on your head! After the surgery everyone was sweetly teeling me how well I did, how great I handled it and how nice it was that I allowed other students to observe. I wanted to break into tears but I held on to them till I reached my van and finally vented all of that pent up fear that I’d built up in my mind. I was alright, a little sore but I think this will really help my health and hopefull reduce my headache factor significantly.
Nathan has been such a sweet and attentive nurse to me. He has gotten a kick out of listening to me drugged up on Tylenol with Codeine and proclaiming that in fact “Blue is the NEW Purple!” I think I also announced something about my affection for polkadots, pickles and fuzzy slippers. He just sat with me and giggled as I talked nonsense (more than usual). What a guy!
I’m proud of my Dental Wonder, he’s quite the catch. Hopefully I won’t have a cheek swollen out like a baseball tomorrow. I’m in alot of pain but hey I got to ride in a fun chair today, I got happy drugs and lots of popsicles.
Life is a bowl of cherries. Off to get some new gauze. :)


Last night a thunder storm rolled into town. I couldn’t believe the force of the Thunder, the amazing lightening display and the abundance of hard rain pouring down. It was both beautiful and frightening at times, as the thunder cracked and shook the house in it’s tremendous power. I thought of my Grandmother as I sat there cuddled up under my blankets. Grandma hated Thunderstorms and would go into her room and hide under the covers until the storms were over. I used to think that was so funny when I was a child, hearing that an adult was afraid of a storm. Now that I live out here where Grandma used to live, I’m amazed by the force of the rain on the prairies. It’s much more intense than in the city where there are many buildings and houses to absorb some of the sound volume. I admit I was a bit freaked, but felt close to my Grandma in some small way as well as I cuddled up waiting for the storm to pass.

Daddy's Day

Did all you Dads out there have a happy Father’s day yesterday? Here’s what the boys and I worked on for Nathan. I had it printed into a panoramic photo that he can keep at the school and show off his family. :)

I also had the individual pics printed into 5×7′s and put them into glass clip frames for him. If you look closely you can see how we spell love “D – A – D – D -Y”
and yes even I joined in the fun since Nathan is my “sugar Daddy” ROTFL!

On Being "Discovered"

I have to admit something from my childhood. Growing up I was always an outgoing child, I loved to hang out with the adults instead of with the kids. I would entertain anyone who would listen to me and frequently put on elaborate concerts in our basement that my Mom and her friends kindly sat through many,many times as I would lip sync, dance and sing. I would involve all of my friends, brother Brett and sister Courtnee (although I HAD to be the STAR of the show). There were many times that I would stand on the corner in front of our house where the cars would whisk by and sing and dance right there, I had heard that certain child stars had been “discovered” and I wanted to be “discovered” so bad. I figured that even though the music agents might be driving past at lightening speed they would see cute little me singing and dancing and have to pull over and offer me a contract!!! ROTFL! I didn’t think about money back then only the chance to be famous and meet Julie Andrews!!!! Oh to be young again.

OK THAT was Embarrassing!!

Yesterday Nathan and I took my Wacom Tablet back and exchanged it for an Ipod shuffle for me. The tablet was my Mother’s Day gift but I just couldn’t get the hang of it, probably because I’m a lefty!! LOL! Anyway I am so excited about my Ipod shuffle…it’s SWEET!
Now to the embarrassment

On my way home from the grocery store tonight I was driving along with the windows down. I had the “tunes” playing quite loud and I didn’t really notice that I was singing Really Loudly to Usher and Alicia Keys “You will always be my Boo”.

Well I look over (mid verse) and the guys in the car next to me wave and smile and are cracking up!! I just about died, I paused the music and put my hand over my face to which one of them says “No, you sounded good!” ROTFL!!!
I went home and laughed with Nathan about it. Watch out Alicia…I’m gonna sing with Usher on his next album. :)

Ipod Shuffle

Joshy counts into the teens – little devil

Joshy loves to count. Recently he’s decided that he can count far past 10 and goes up into the teens. It sounds something like this…
“ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, satan, satan, satan” – yes my son can’t say 14, 15, 16 so he just says Satan for those numbers. Can’t wait till church on Sunday, hope
they don’t ask him to count the kids in primary. :)

Hey my little Chickadees

Bet you are wondering where the heck Daria ran off to for days on end with nothing to read out there in Blog land. Well, I’m back to help satisfy your erge to hear all about my exciting life …full of diaper tales, trips to the grocery store, sewing into the wee hours of the night and smootching my hot husband. Yes! All this info can be yours if you pop by here on a regular basis. :) Lucky you!