This weekend was Dylan’s first big Basketball Tournament ever, he’s never played on a team until this year but he’s done so well. His coach has been really fabulous and supportive of him and the team is awesome. He finally caught the FEVER on Friday nights game. We all went to cheer the team to victory (little brothers and all). Dylan ended up getting to shoot two foul shots from the line. Nathan and I were both nervous and excited at the same time to see what would happen. Then my boy got it all together, dribbled the ball a couple of times and SWISH!!!!! In it went! Everyone went nuts cheering, his expression was the most precious thing I’ve seen him do in so long. Then he shot his second basket with all those people looking on and SWISH got a second basket!!! He was elated. My heart literally LEPT from my chest as Nathan and I cheered on “Our BOY!!”. My Dad I’m sure would have been the most exuberant if he had been there. I know he’d be soooo excited for Dylan who has told me that he loves basketball and will be playing in the FALL. I love this, I love team sports and love that my son is getting the chance to experince this. They didn’t win their last game today but they were so happy anyway, everyone did great.

Dylan is the cute boy on the far right on the bench

In related news I ended up taking all of the little boys to the game today without Nathan (as he had to study for exams next week). I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle but when we got to the gym Joshy and Brigs lasted up until the whistle blew to start the game – then it was Pre-school PARTY time! I started after them (Noah in my arms) trying to keep them from running onto the court or leaving entirely. A sweet Mom of one of Dylan’s team- mates said “Could we help you?” (she must have seen the fear in my eyes! :) ) Joshy turns to her and exclaims “NO WAY LADY!!!”
Um ya, that’s my 3 yeard old!! How can you not laugh at that??

the MOST amazing Corn on the Cob!

You guys have to try this – it’s SO easy and utterly DELICIOUS!! My kids and Nathan and I went insane for it (even my picky eater Joshy had 3 cobs of corn it was sooo good).

Sautee diced up red peppers in butter then add fresh lemon juice and cracked black pepper to taste. Let it cool slightly (about a minute) it will thicken a bit. Spoon over your steamed
corn on the cob and ENJOY!! I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it. Definitely a new family fave of ours.

That Joshy!!!

The other day I wasn’t wearing earrings at all. Joshy was sitting on my lap and started playing with my hair then he noticed my ears without earrings and exclaimed “Mommy!!!! You have lot’s of HOLES in your head!!!!”


Ok I just couldn’t hold it in any longer than about 5 minutes!! LOL! My baby Noah just said his first word “DA-DA” several times as clear as a bell!!!
I’m sooo excited – he’s just my sweet little joyful baby boy.

In other news I fed him a bit of rice cereal with sweet potatoes today and the expression on his face was so priceless! Yep it’s a whole new world Buddy of tastes and food.
Thanks for letting me share and gush!

Pin the tail on the Mommy! LOL!

Tommorrow is the big day for Dylan when all of his friends come over for his big Birthday Sleepover extravaganza. I asked him if he’d like me to come up with some games or something for them to do or if they just want to watch movies, play video games and pig out. To which my now eleven year old says “Mom, we’re a little old for Pin the tail on the donkey. If you just feed us we’ll be fine!”
Oh my boy is growing up!!!

Super Mom is SUPER TIRED!

Brigs has been sick with a fever (and so miserable) for the past 3 days. He’s having such a terrible time sleeping at night and his fever just hasn’t broken yet. I feel so bad for my little man. I took him in to see the doctor last night and his throat was really swollen and yucky so the doc put him on Amoxil in the hopes that he’ll start feeling normal again soon. He of course was totally lethargic and could barely move his head off of the pillow when I took him to the clinic but of course once we get there he’s happy, cheerful, running around the waiting room and charming everyone. I just can’t belive how sick kids can change so quickly when brought in to see the doctor – it’s like they want you to look like a total liar!! LOL! “um, ya sure lady…your kid is sick”. Then of course when we got home his fever spiked again and he was so unhappy, I packed him up in the van at 1:00am and took him to 7-11 for a slurpee which he happily drank and it cooled his little body down a bit. Anyway, I’m so darn tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve had about 6 hours of sleep over the past 4 days and I’m in a total haze. Joshy thinks that he is going to “Make Brigs better” by softly brushing his hair and lots of hugs! SO SWEET! Stay tuned for next week when Joshua probably gets the same thing! LOL! Yes, we are all washing our hands and spraying Lysol on the doorknobs and surfaces. Well back to the land of contamination and misery – Brigs is crying gotta go be SUPERMOM.

BACKYARDIGANS are a family FAVE at our house

My kids LOVE and I mean LOVE the BACKYARDIGANS. We’ve just recently discovered this show but I love that the little guys rely on their imagination for FUN! (left to right: Tyrone, Tasha, Pablo, Uniqua and Austin) who embark on amazing 3-D epic adventures in their backyards .The music is so peppy and catchy – I love that my little boys jump up and start dancing whenever they sing on the show. I also like that their voices are plesant and not annoying as some cartoon type characters can be. Have your kids discovered the Backyardigans and if so do they love them too??

My Son is ELEVEN today!!!

I can’t even believe that Dylan is 11 years old today. 11 just seems so old now and yet he’s still my sweet boy. On the way to school today in the car I told him the story of the day he was born, he just loved that! I’m so lucky to have Dylan as my son, he’s always been just the best kid in the world, a fabulous brother and so caring and smart. I’m more proud of him than I could ever say. Happy Birthday Buddy – you make my life so happy.
Mom (who’s WAY too young to have an 11 year old by the way) :)