Smokers TICK me off

I assume that most smokers are intelligent enough to know by now that what they are doing to their bodies by ingesting that awful stuff is actually killing them and destroying their lungs. Fine, I can handle the fact that smoking is hard to quit and that it’s an addiction. What drives me crazy though is when these people smoke around their innocent children. The other day I saw a lady and her mother driving their car, both of them smoking away in the front seat while her tiny children were buckled in the back seat inhaling toxins, I just wanted to cry for those little ones that have no choice in the matter – the gift that they get from their mother is second hand smoke. Arrgh! I really wish there was a law that made it illegal for Anyone to smoke around a child. It’s illegal for children to buy cigarettes so why should it be legal for adults around them to poison their lungs, increase their chances of developing asthma, cancer or even just the example that they may potentially follow by being the child of a smoker. When I was in the hospital after having Noah and he was taken into ICU I was shocked to find out how many mothers of NICU babies where actually out in the parking lot puffing away and then directly going in and nursing their babies that were attached to breathing machines. Anyway, I’m sorry but I had to vent because it just makes me want to cry for those kids. PLEASE keep their lungs free from second hand smoke, please don’t smoke directly in front of the doors to a building and make all of us non-smokers walk through your toxins with our children just to get inside. I admire anyone who is strong enough to attempt to quit, I know it must be extremely difficult but I beg all of you to not subject little children to it. Thanks for letting me vent!

Thinkin' bout Lincoln :)

My dear friend Maja’s son Lincoln is having surgery today on his foot. He’s just a little guy 3 years old. If you could remember him in your thoughts and prayers it would be wonderful. He’s such a sweet, beautiful little boy and we love him to pieces as well as his whole family. Maja – I’m thinking about you today so much, I know it’s so tough having your babies in the hospital. Hang in there all will be well!!!

Working appliances!

My Mother in Law is going to be so happy to hear that the repair guy came today and fixed our washing machine – it was a broken coupler and is now agitating and working! YAY!! I can feel your elation Mom at the thought of all those clean, mildew free clothes!! LOL!
I also had him take a quick peek at my new bargain portable dishwasher that I bought on the weekend for $15.00 a’la Garage sale find! I was thinking that it was a loss when we couldn’t get it attached to the sink but he showed me how to work it and fixed the door latch for me so that it stops washing when you open the door. He said that it’s actually a good dishwasher and that I got a DEAL!!! YAY MOM – thanks for helping me get a machine to do those pesky dishes and save me some time each day. I’m excited now. :)

We had a wonderful weekend with Nathan’s parents and enjoyed their visit so much. What a blessing to have such awesome family! We have so much fun together and I am sooo lucky to have in-laws that I love and adore. My kids were just over the moon to have you both here – thanks so much for coming out for Noah’s blessing day. Can’t wait till we live closer and can get together and PLAY more often. It was fun to show off my house and the strides that I’ve been making/working on in becoming more organized and efficient. Thanks for all your excitement and support of me. XO!!!!!

I see a Light!

I’m feeling a bit better today, lighter and happier. Thank goodness! I’m running out to do a few errands but just wanted to post that for those that keep up on my day to day stuff. Don’t worry about me today – I’m starting to feel Up again.

What is your centre?

The question that I found myself asking last night as I crumbled when Nathan got home. He sweetly put on a tape by Stephen R. Covey while we folded laundry and cleaned out room together. The tape was so awesome – talking about centering ourselves and being able to recognize what makes us tick, what motivates us, etc. The ideal is to have a centre in our lives that is Principled Based rather than coming from a “self centre”, “spouse centre”, family centre, friend centre, money or things centre, power centre, fame centre etc. This was so interesting to me because although I try to have a centre in my life based on true principles I allow many of my choices and actions to be affected but many other pulls. When you have a Principled centre in your life you have the ability to see all the various sides of an issue, reason out what is the appropriate action and feel good about your decision. In this area I know that I need some definite work, but I’m glad to have some tools now to see where my motivations in life lie. I think I have aspects in my personaility of many of those centres – I am extremely affected by what others think of me, their thoughts, their opinions and their feelings. I have made many decisions in my life in the hopes that I wouldn’t hurt or offend someone and perhaps didn’t take the appropriate action…later regreting my choices.

I’m grateful for the many sweet posts, emails and phone calls from caring people worried about how I’m doing right now. THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!! I know that I have many things in my life and I am blessed. Someone suggested to me that I start a Gratitude Journal so that on those tough days when my depression is perhaps a bit more intense I could read the things that I love about my life and it would make me feel better, especially because they were my own words and feelings. Heck nobody understands you better than you right?!! LOL! I’m going to try that for sure.

PostPartum Depression

For any of you that have experienced PPD it’s not fun. I was just starting to feel a bit normal after being on a mild anti-depressant for a month but my prescription ran out and my doctor couldn’t see me for a few days. Finally I was able to get in to see her and get a refill but a few days later I started to feel severely “low” again. Crying so much and feeling like not wanting to see anyone or do anything. My house is getting messy again after all that hard work of organizing and I just feel defeated, not to mention I have family coming to visit this weekend and I’m panicking about the house and just Me in general because I’m not myself. I started to see glimpses of the old me a few weeks ago and that was wonderful but I’m struggling again and embarrassed a bit to be feeling this way. I love my new baby boy, I love my kids and love being a Mommy to them. I just want to give them the best of me and it’s hard to feel that I’m incapable of that right now. I honestly don’t know what I’m capable of. It does feel a bit better to just write that all out and acknowledge it though. I worry about what everyone expects of me, I have a tough time with any expectations at all it seems. Aggh! I just don’t like feeling this way at all. Thanks for listening.

I just found this website talking about the warning signs of burn-out – I have all but one of these! sheesh!
So how do you know if you, a loved one, or someone who reports to you is suffering from burnout? Here are the early warning signs.

Chronic fatigue – exhaustion, tiredness, a sense of being physically run down
Anger at those making demands
Self-criticism for putting up with the demands
Cynicism, negativity, and irritability
A sense of being besieged
Exploding easily at seemingly inconsequential things
Frequent headaches and gastrointestinal disturbances
Weight loss or gain
Sleeplessness and depression
Shortness of breath
Feelings of helplessness
Increased degree of risk taking

OK so how do you deal with stress, burn-out, depression or Baby Blues? Any suggestions would be great.

Interesting Statistic!

I heard on the radio today that 20% of women spend more time with their blowdryer than they spend with their spouse or significant other! ROTFL!!!
Good reason for us women to all make an appointment every week to get our hair done at the salon – wouldn’t want to slight our hubby’s of all that bonding time. hee hee

Terrible Two's?

Dear Brigham,
You’re definitely a classic two year old boy. Bright and fun with alot of attitude. You are so headstrong that sometimes I wish with all my might that you would grow out of this stage quickly so that I can reason with you. I’ve tried reason and it’s a concept you either just don’t grasp yet, or don’t care too. In any case sometimes Mommy goes insane worrying about you and hoping that the attitude that you possess will be a positive strength to you as you get bigger and not hold you back at all. USE IT FOR GOOD SON :)
I’ve spent so many exhausted nights with tears streaming down my face as I wonder how I can be a better Mom to you. I feel frustrated to the point of tears that you constantly need to be under my feet, attached to my legs or lying on top of me in order to be content. I love so many things about you and your sweet personality, you can be so loving and charming Brigs – but everyone knows not to tick you off buddy. Even at two you can invoke FEAR into the hearts of those around you that try to get between you and any goal that you have in mind. Yes, you are that head strong, determined – you have a one track mind at this point and nobody can dare deter you from your objectives. Is it funny? Yes, I admit that sometimes your Daddy and I have to laugh because your will is so strong but sometimes it’s not funny at all and that is usually when one of us is trying to put you to bed at night. My own will seems so weak compared to yours – or maybe it’s just that I adore you so much that I weaken at the sight of those baby blue eyes.
As I tucked you in tonight and rocked you to sleep I felt frustrated, you fought me and I kept singing to you and held you close. Finally you relaxed in my arms and drifted. I looked at your beautiful little boy face, those sweet kissy lips, your golden hair and sweet nose. The way that you sweetly snore and twist my hair around your fingers as an alert if I try to put you down. In that moment tonight I couldn’t believe that I had been wishing for this stage to pass, you are still my baby. A lovely, innocent baby boy and I adore you Brigs – attitude and all. I can see so much promise in you, so much love and I don’t think anything in life will hold you back from getting what you desire. I want to hold you for as long as you will allow me to before you start pushing me away for the other things of the world. Soon things will open up for you and I’ll no longer be your center, I’ll always be here but it won’t be the same as you branch out and learn more and more. I know that you need me right now, and tonight I really realize what an HONOR that is. I love being your Mommy and want you to grow and develop beautifully in every-way. I want you to have love and respect and courage and yes even that crazy determination that you already have in spades. I know now that I really need to enjoy every moment that I can of your Babyhood, it’s passing by like a blink already. Thank you for being my beautiful blue eyed boy.

What R U Up TO??

Well, it’s been a few days and I know that my posts aren’t very inspiring these days. I struggle with what to blog sometimes trying to evaluate if it something that needs to be shared with the public or even captured for my journaling. I am proud to admit that my “LOVE OF LAUNDRY” is still in full force – the sign that I put up above my washing machine really does help and makes me laugh all of the time as I walk by. I also purchased that new Downy Simple Pleasures – Vanilla & Lavender. Let me tell you that if Anything in this world will make you love laundry it’s the smell of your clothes after being washed in this!! Ohh it’s just YUMMY!!!

I fell off the organization/cleaning wagon a few days ago. I even let my dishes sit out overnight and just about cried when I woke up in the morning to see them sitting there in all their yucky glory – mocking me! So what do I do??? Do I wash them? NO!! I let them pile up for another day or two until I feel really badly that my kids don’t have a plate to eat off of and THEN I did them!! LOL!! Maja is going to kick my butt from here to Alaska. Thankfully she has been so encouraging in helping me to prioritize my life, I’m so not perfect at this but I’m working on it and still thinking about it daily. I really do want to have a beautiful, clean, organized home and I’ve made tremendous progress in the last month or so. YAY ME!!

As for the New phone we got one that is actually working great and is really pretty and lights up all orange like our room!! LOL! I’m happy to have a phone that works though I still haven’t made those calls to everyone I know yet – hey, it’s on my list though. :)

Joshua astounded me today as he looked up at the wall clock and attempted to tell me the time!! I got so excited! He’s just growing so fast. We’re going to have a little mini lesson today about the clock and telling time since he’s so interested right now.

Well that’s all I’ve got for ya! I love you all, please let me know you were here today. Perhaps I need some SCANDAL in my life to write about.

More on Scrapbooking

Oh my, last night I went to a late night crop with several girls from my church. It was so awesome, so many talented ladies with beautiful pages. The class was taught by my friend Sara Curtis (who I guarantee will be a FAMOUS scrapbooker someday). The wealth of knowledge that Sarah has about scrapping is amazing. She’s so totally fun and into helping everyone acheive the very best pages possible. So once a month she holds a late night scrap and everyone brings there pages to work on. She teaches a class on different techniques or how to get the most out of your time, how to organize your pics etc. She even organizes door prizes and snacks – the girl is just too cool! Sarah is coming over to my house this week so I can teach her about photoshop and how to digitally scrap and also how to adjust her pictures to perfection. I’m so glad that I went, I just mainly was curious and didn’t bring pages to do but I’m all geared up now. I’m still totally in love with Digi scrapping and think that is what I will do mostly however I do have boxes and boxes of pictures that I think I will scrapbook traditionally as well since they are already printed off and ready to go. The very best website out there on the web has got to be Two Peas in a Bucket

.I highly recommend checking it out for inspiration, friendship, techniques and the hottest trends in scrapbooking right now. I just go there to drool over everyones beautiful work and then I do my own thing. As I told Maja last night at the crop I think it’s really important to allow yourself and your own personality to shine through. Don’t ask others if you can or can’t do something, just do what is a reflection of Your own STYLE as I feel scrapbooking is really a gift of yourself and how you see the world through pictures and art. It’s not about being somebody else or copying their design, it’s about finding the techniques that YOU love and making your pages come alive for you.