Is he ready for solids?

Noah (the dream baby) has been waking up to nurse so many times in the night lately, I’m thinking that perhaps he’s ready for me to add some solids into his diet but I don’t want to start him too early. He’s four months now and a little chunk for sure. Do any of you have any suggestions or advice about starting your baby on solids? Is four months too young? Dylan started at three months but he had to be bottle fed because he needed soy milk and I think he just needed the extra oomph of having pablum too. I don’t want to rush Noah at all, but I do want to be able to get some rest too. Mommy’s out there – Daria needs your advice. :)

The Angry Easter Man

Good morning – I hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. Our little boys were darling and enjoyed the events that we planned for them. On Friday we took them to the church gym to play basketball and it was awesome – Dylan did so well and the little ones loved running around in reckless abandon! On Saturday morning the Easter Bunny came to our house and left some wonderful treats. I went to work out and while I was at the gym I noticed that nobody was in the pool. I quickly rushed home and grabbed Dylan, Joshy and Brigs and the four of us took off and went to the pool. It was a BLAST to see my boys enjoy the water. Joshy went on the huge water slide with Dylan and was fearless. His face was priceless at the bottom of the slide as I scooped him up into my arms ” I WANNA GO AGAIN!!” he said gleefully.
On Sunday we focused on thinking about Jesus Christ, his birth and resurrection. It was so special to have the Easter Bunny trivial stuff over with on Saturday and then have the real focus be on Jesus and his sacrifice for all of us. Joshy was hilarious that morning as we got ready for church. He walks up to me in a gruff voice and announces ” I’m the ANGRY Easter Man!! Here, have a chocolate!” :)

Real Mail!

In this world of quicker communication, emails and websites I have lost the desire to write letters. Well that is until today when I recieved the sweetest suprise from my sister – a REAL letter came to me in an envelope, with a stamp and several pages of handwritten news and love for me! This means so much to me, I know that it takes an extra special effort to write out a letter and get it mailed (I know because I fail at it all of the time :) ). Do any of you find that you miss that special contact you used to have when “real” mail arrived at your house? There is a certain joy to having those messages in your hands and being able to read them in a cozy place instead of in front of a glowing computer screen. (I know that my sweet Mother in Law will love adding some things to this post – she LOVES letter mail). I remember my Mom sitting us down at the kitchen table when we were young and helping us write letters to my Grandparents – we loved it! I also remember the pure joy I felt as a child opening those messages from my Grandma S. when she would write to me all about her life in small town Saskatchewan and how much she loved us children. I know that I will never be able to substitute totally the ease of email for the traditional snail mail method in my hectic life, but I would LOVE to make sure that I do send some handwritten letters this year to the special people in my life. (if you don’t get a handwritten letter don’t stress – you’re still special, I’m probably just knee deep in children!!) LOL!

Hey Dad & Brett

Guess who just got signed up for Community Basketball?? Yep, it’s your boy Dylan!! He’s all signed up and ready to start in April with a few friends of his from school. The guy running the program sounds really great too so I’m excited for him to try this. He’s gonna really want your cheering him on and enthusiasum (not a problem I’m sure). Time to pass on the “LEGACY” hee hee

Hot N' Spicy

That’s right – today is the day! I’m reorganizing my spice cupboard! Woo hoo. Time to spice up my life and stop with the guilt everytime I open that cupboard door and see a huge mess. I’m so excited to get it looking pretty in there and functional. I don’t know if I mentioned on the weekend but laundry has been a thorn in my side my whole adult life until recently. I grabbed a piece of board in the basement on wrote in big letters “I LOVE LAUNDRY” and I hung it over my washing machine. It now sits there and stares at me and makes me laugh everytime I walk by it. It’s nice to have a positive staring me straight in the face when I’m going to work on something that I find to be a challenge – that way I start to think better about the task and find the joy in it instead of the old way. Positive thinking really works!

My Joy is Over flowing!!

Maja isn’t perfect! YAY!! I came to the realization this morning as I dropped by my dear friends house to bring her an article on the coolest scrapbooking idea. When I arrived her home was immaculate (even with her watching 8 kids today). She started to show me her beautiful new curtains that she made – the colors were incredible and her sewing was perfection of course. The room has a beautiful glow about it with her new paint job and then I saw something that totally made my heart leap for JOY!! Not just a sputter of happiness but full on elation as I realized that my dear friend whom I admire so much for her home is human too – her coffee table was covered in sticky finger prints!! YAY!! Maja, I don’t know if you sat there this morning and made your kids touch the glass with peanut butter just so I could feel better about myself but I wouldn’t put it past you. :)
So good to know that not only are you someone that I totally admire and look up to but that you have normal days just like me when finger prints get on the glass. But hey I’m dressed, my bed is made, my kitchen is sparkling, my living room is acceptable, my sewing room is orderly, my playroom is neat & tidy and ready for my kids to enjoy – I’m just so grateful for your inspiration. You make me want to be a better Mommy, wife and woman just by your beautiful example and your encouragement and support of me. Off to do some affirmations “top to bottom, left to right, focus, focus, focus” as I concentrate on the ever elusive bathroom closet that’s been a source of discontent for months now.
I’ll let you know when I come up for air and have a lovely organized space to replace the chaos.

Letters to my children

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about writing special letters to each of my children telling them about how much I love them, what my dreams for them are and what I loved about them in their first few years of life. If anything ever happened to me I would want them to know so many things and though I don’t plan on dying until I’m an old Granny someday in the far far future you just never know what might happen. I would want them to have a special letter from me that they could read throughout their lives or on their wedding days etc. to let them know that their Mommy thought that far ahead about their happiness you know? Have any of you ever done anything like this for your children?

Sorry Noah you gotta go!

This morning Joshy (3 years) decided it was high time that Noah was returned to where ever he came from. “Mommy Noah wants to go to HIS house far away.”
“this is his house Joshy, he’s our baby” I said
“No, he misses his Mommy!” He replied
“Joshy honey, I’m Noah’s Mommy and your Mommy”
“You’re not his Mommy, you’re a FAKE!” he says

Oh my gosh, I just about died. Noah is my child I promise :) (I have the stretchmarks to prove it).