Fabulous February Birthday's

Happy Birthday to my sweet Sister Courtnee who’s birthday was yesterday! I love you sweetie and wish I could have been there for your day to make you a cake, especially since Mom was still in the hospital but since I’m far away I’m sending you a cyber cake instead! XOXOXO! love your Big Sis


I didn’t post about my Sister in Law Elizabeth’s Birthday this month but she knows that I adore her too!! Liz, I love you so much – thanks for being such a great example to me I just think you are incredible as a Mommy and a Sister. XOXO! Can’t wait to see you.

I also want my dear friend Marie to know that I love her and wish her a very Happy Birthday. May all of your dreams come true! XOXO – love, dee

Hope that each of you has a year full of happiness, success and lots of fun times.

Joshy's FIRST Joke

Joshua thinks he’s a REAL COMEDIAN, he’s three and told me his first ever joke the other day.

Joshy – “Knock Knock”
Mom – “Who’s there?” (in a surprised tone cuz he’s never told a joke before)
Joshy – “A DOG AND A BANANA !!!!!!!!!!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA – he squeals and laughs at himself

I have to admit the joke wasn’t funny but the kid was DANG cute telling it! It’s just one of those moments that you want to
remember so you can tell your kids about it when they get bigger. :)

Chocolate, Goodbyes and Shattered

Oh my gosh!!! Last night Nathan and I went over to our good friend’s house (the Russell’s) for a big group goodbye party. Our friends Mark & Sarah are finished Law school now and heading out to Alberta. We’ll miss them so much, Sara has been just an angel to me and helped me so many times when I was super sick with my pregnancy. She’d show up on my doorstep with a warm meal for my family. I’ll never forget how amazing she has been to me! We had a great time eating tons of decadent desserts (it was a big dessert pot luck theme). Maja was the perfect hostess in everyway, her entire house was beautiful, emaculate and she looked incredible too ( I hate her!!! JUST KIDDING!). After a blissful evening of adult conversation we headed home. Walking in the door my son had a very upset look on his face. “Mom, go check the answering machine”.
I got a message from my brother that my Mom had injured herself. Apparently last night her and my Dad went out for a walk. They had to step over one of those short wire fences and when she did her back foot caught on the wire and she landed on the cement on her head and her writst! My Dad told me that he just went white – he was so worried about his sweetheart. It took awhile for him to be able to get her up and able to go. Luckily a kind gentleman was driving by and offered them a ride to the house. My Dad wisked her to the clinic where they determined that she had Shattered her right wrist in several places. She was taken to the hospital and they had to reset the wrist and cast it. The only problem is that when they reset it some of the bones still didn’t look right and so she has a consultation to see if an operation is needed. I feel like bawling! I wish I could be there with my Mom to help her but of course I am a package deal and my entourage would be more hinderance than a help right now. My Mom is an Executive Assistant and I don’t know what she’s going to do if she can’t type for months and months!
Mom I love you! I wish I was there to make you a few meals and brush your hair for you. My heart is with you.

Praise for Super Nanny

I have implemented a few of the techiniques into my parenting that Jo Frost uses on her SUPER NANNY show. I have to say that they work!!! I’m thrilled. Joshy my three year old is a joy to be around now, he’s far more polite, he’ll eat up at the table and doesn’t pick on his younger brother as much. I decided to use the naughty corner with Joshua since wherever you go there’s most definitly always a corner near by. He took to this like a fish to water and I think he really has blossomed with more guidelines in his day. I’ve been using the corner for the past few weeks and today when he started to get too aggressive with his younger brother I looked him straight in the eye and before I could even give him one warning or take him to the corner he just looked at me and said “I’ll go to the corner” and he did!! LOL!!!! The then turned around and kept eye contact with me and apologized to me and to his brother then gave him a kiss without my prompting. Can I just say how much I LOVE Jo Frost??!!!!

Here’s a picture of my new BEST FRIEND!! LOL! Jo Frost - super Nanny

I want a NEW look!!

Attention all you web blog designers out there! I’m on the hunt!! I need an awesome new template for my blog and I just need to know where to look, if you wanna leave a comment I’ll be
sure to check out all of your awesome templates. I need something that’s Feminine, Girly, Groovy, ME!!!! LOL!
Any suggestions would be apprieciated.

I'm back!!

After a fun filled jont to Calgary to visit with family over Nathan’s Reading Week (he didn’t crack a book! hee hee) we are home. I’m glad to be back home, I love sleeping in my very own bed and was anxious to get on the road on Friday and just get back to us. We had a busy break filled with family events including dinners, Valentine’s Day, a mini road trip to Lethbridge to visit Nathan’s Grandmother and a trip to the Science Centre which the boys absolutely loved!

I was able to see my good friend Marie after a two Year absence. “Merv” as she is affectionately known to her close friends looked great and seemed happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. It was exciting to hear about her upcomming wedding plans with her finace Wade, who I have yet to meet. She’s an incredible person and I’m so happy to see her in love with so much to look forward to. Here’s a pic of me and my buddy Merv. Marie has recently started a blog so click our picture to go straight to her site. :)

One of the biggest downers of my trip was not getting to see JEN THE MOM – I was so anxious to hang with my funny friend Jen who cracks me up constantly and blogs like a warrior woman. Sadly my week and spare moments got eaten away and before I knew it we were on our way home without even 10 minutes of JEN THE MOM time. BOO HOO!! Don’t Beat ME Jen – you know I love you. Now everyone go read her blog and comment, maybe then she will let me live!!!

While in town Nathan and his sisters Liz and Nicole decided to pack up their babies Evan and Freyja and head down to visit with their Grandma for the day. At the last moment I was convinced to hop into the car too with my four kids in tow. Initially I wasn’t too thrilled about a mini road trip a day before we need to hop back into the car for the seven hour drive home! My apprenhension soon faded when I thought of Nathan’s Grandma and what it would mean to her to see all the children. She’s been alone for so many years now and her family is her pride and joy. Noah had the opportunity to meet his Great Grandma for the FIRST time and they had an instant connection as evidenced by this photo. Noah couldn’t take his eyes off of her, they just had this special bond right away. Look at that huge smile on my baby boy – well worth the trip let me tell you! I think that Grandma was thrilled to have so many of us come to see her at once, I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming for her to have more noise in the house than usual. She is just an incredible woman full of integrity and wit, I admire her so much for the family she has raised and for her personal faith. She’s just very special!!!

I have much more to tell, but I’ll post that later…for now it’s just nice to be back and relaxing to finally blog something again.

Catch up

It’s been a crazy couple of days, the postpartum is catching up with me and it all came to a head on Monday resulting in many tears. It’s been a tough few weeks with all of my kids, my husband and myself getting sick not to mention my two year old who is having a terrible time sleeping at night. I’m just worn out. I know that many Mommy’s out there can share my pain and relate – it’s dang hard being a Mom sometimes. The good news is that I do have a great support system of family and friends and I know that there are many out there who aren’t fortunate in that area. I honestly don’t know how some people do it and handle things sometimes, I’ve been really struggling in fact I’ve pushed some people away unintentionally, but I hope to see some light here soon. Spring is almost here, my kids are getting healthy again and my hubby has a few days off from school. I look forward to happy days and smiles again and dare I dream it but a good nights sleep too would be heaven.

I have a Shadow

I have a little shadow, his name is Brigham and he’s my two year old. I find myself tripping over him, prying him off my legs or neck, dragging him around the house while he hangs onto my belt loops – the kid is STICKY! I love the little guy and I realize that all too soon the desire to hang out with Mommy will fade a bit and he’ll be interested in other things. Right now I am his focus and his goal is to be attached to me at all times. I sometimes worry that maybe he’s insecure, but he’s NOT a shy kid in any way – he just likes me, he really, really likes me! I should be flattered, what other male do I know that wants to be around me 24/7 constantly? I think even my loving hubby would tell you that he likes a break from me now and then, but not my Brigs. I even walked around last night half laughing and half frustrated singing to him “Your gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to MOM” in my best Robert Palmer impression. :)

Now I can totally relate to what my Mom must have felt when I was a child. I remember always following her around and wanting to be with her to the point where she’d be saying “Daria! Go do something, stop following me!” LOL! We’ve laughed about that several times since but I seriously must have driven her crazy somedays. I know that every-time she turned around I was right there and she’d bump into me. That just reminds me of how much I LOVED to scare my Mom when I was a kid. She honestly has the funniest reaction to anything that freaks her out. I would lay down in the bottom of her closet and pretend I was dead so when she’d open the closet door she would jump and scream! IT WAS GREAT! I also would hide in the clothes hamper and pop out at her – she would jump and kind of shake her hands in front of her to pull herself together. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world to freak out Mom. So Mom, hang on to your socks cuz the next time I come to visit I’ve just got to “get ya” again and maybe I’ll even film it!!! HEE HEE