Make it Count

A new year is only hours away and gets me to thinking about what this old year has brought to me and all of us. Recent devestation in Asia, loss, suffering. Hurricanes in Florida, elections, Christopher Reeve passing away and leaving a legacy of strength. There’s also been personal joys of new birth when Noah entered my life and wrapped me around his little finger.

I’m grateful for those quiet moments with my family when my child does or says something cute or thoughtful – those are the moments I cherish right now, the times I like to reflect on most at the end of the day. I have much to be thankful for and I don’t want to ever lose sight of that, especially with so many people out there in the world in pain from losing those they love the most. This new year if we could remember to make each day count, and really look at the blessings we have wouldn’t that be a tremendous gift to ourselves?

I’m looking forward to 2005 with great anticipation. I love a New year with everything fresh and undecided. I like to imagine what I might do to better myself, my families lives and my community. I want to branch out a bit more this year and perhaps try something new. I want to reach out to people around me and let them know that I care. What are your goals for the year or even better your dreams? Please feel welcome to share.

Blogging for Doughnuts

As I sit in the darkness, the glow of our eMac computer lighting the office I’m filled with joy. Perhaps it’s the Krispy Kreme doughnut that lies beside me on the desk waiting for me to take a break and devour it, perhaps it’s my little baby Noah on my lap who’s ravenous hunger is keeping me up many a night these days. I love that his little face looks up at me in wonder now as he nurses, I am curious what he thinks about and what he notices. I know that he knows and prefers me now to everyone else – ha ha the power of nursing your baby – they can’t help but love you best! So many things have happened over the past few weeks, the holidays are wonderful and crazy all at once. Many times this season I’ve found myself overwhelmed and emotional. I know that you’re thinking it the post-preggo hormones talking but honestly I think it’s just the whole kit and caboodle of Christmas and all the fun and preparation it involves. I must be getting older, I remember as a child my own Mother saying that she felt overwhelmed and I thought she was nuts. “What do you mean you’re tired? What do you mean the season takes alot out of you? Ha! Parents! I’ll never be like that when I’m older!’
Well I can officially tell you that I’m eating those words now, with 4 kids of my own and a huge extended family to visit and enjoy – it’s wonderful- it’s stressful – and frankly I want a back rub right now! Where’s that doughnut???

I’ve missed being a consistent blogger over the past couple weeks – thanks so much to those of you that still come by and visit. I enjoy your thoughts about what I’ve written here and it’s fun to have a “blog support group” going on since I can’t afford therapy. Does anyone else find that blogging is therapeutic?

I went to a movie tonight with my gorgeous hubby, my parents and of course my little attachment Noah.
We went to see “Shall We Dance” and I enjoyed it. Yes, some of it was cheesy – but it was the kind of lighthearted movie I needed to see today. I enjoy Richard Gere, he has some of the greatest cute boyish expressions, and I will say this, the boy can dance. When he rides up the escalator in his tux at the end, with a rose in hand for his wife,I loved it (so did the rest of the packed theatre filled 98% women). Noah was a little angel, he didn’t fuss at all. Now he’s been out to two movies in his lifetime Ladder 49 and Shall We Dance. It’s great to bring him to the theatre – he keeps me warm!

Sorry for the mumbo jumbo tonight – have a great New Years Eve tomorrow night and be safe everyone!!

Break out the Birthday cake

It’s my Husband Nathan’s Birthday today! I’m so excited to get out to the stores and find him a gift – we usually go together to look since his b-day is so soon after Christmas and we can find some awesome deals on things he’d love. Speaking of love I just want to say how lucky I am to have Nathan in my life, I’m so happy to be married to my very best friend in the Universe. We often tell each other how lucky we both are that we not only love each other but actually like each other as well. I went through some tough times in my life and never imagined the happiness that I could potentially have – I’ve found that with Nathan. When we met it was an instant (and I do mean instant) thing, somehow we just knew that it was meant to be. I remember the first time I ever saw him, my heart leapt out of my chest! He was smokin’ hot!! And his personality just shone from him. We were engaged just two weeks after our first date! And married 3 months later! Yep – it was insane, yes our friends were freaking out. I recall some of them saying “what do you mean you’re getting married? To who? We’ve never even met this guy!!”
Some of Nathan’s friends planned an intervention – lol. But honestly, we were just meant to be together like peas and carrots.

Honey, you are the most fabulous husband! Thank you for always cherishing me and the boys – we all adore you. I love your spirit, your wit and the way you radiate with love and kindness to all you meet. I honor you for your moral courage, for your goodness and for your ability to apologize when you have have messed up royally and upset me! :)
Thank you so much for the way you have taken care of my through the nightmare pregnancy with Noah – I couldn’t have gotten through all of that without you. You’re my Rock honey.
Thank you also for our little boys who bring me so much joy on a daily basis. I love that our lives are busy and insane, I love that each of them have certain mischievous looks that remind me so much of you! When Joshy gets that look it cracks me up, or when Dylan says certain things in a funny sarcastic way, I swear it’s you! And now we have Noah, you’re little look-alike, I’m so in love with his beautiful face that reminds me of you so much. He’s just gorgeous like his Daddy.

Anyway honey, I’m sorry to get all mushy on ya. I just want you to feel super special today and know that you’re doing a great job in all of your roles. I admire and honor you Nathan. Have a great Birthday and thanks for making me look so good when we’re together!! LOL!
Ciao you old guy you!

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning everyone!
It’s Christmas morning and I am awake before my kids at 6 am just waiting for them to stir. I love christmas and am so excited to see their little faces light up with surprise as they see the beautiful tree with packages beneath it. We are so blessed this year and feel such a huge happiness to have our 4 little boys in our lives. Last night we took all our kids to the Nativity pageant (our family tradition) and it was just an awesome experience – they loved it. I seriously thought Brigs was going to take off out of the crowd and run after Mary’s donkey! I hope my children all felt the special power of seeing the Nativity live last night and will instill in their own children the true meaning of Christmas – celebrating the birth of the Saviour. I am so grateful for his life, his example and his sacrifice for me.
I wish each of you the most joyous of holidays, I hope you are all happy, warm and surrounded with love today.

Blog sista's Unite!

I’m so happy to finally get near a computer. The holidays are so hectic, especially with a new baby and so many little kids to entertain. We had the most awesome evening on Monday night when my dear friend Chuck’s wife (jenthemom) planned a get-together for all of our high school buddies. This group of people was so wonderful throughout the years to me, we had many awesome experinces together and hung out almost daily. Then as often happens to friends we all started to get married, have kids, move etc. and a few of us started to lose touch. We ended up making reservations at the Cheescake Cafe (home of sinful desserts!) a place that we frequentely went to together for dinner. The meal was just awesome – yummy! But the best part for me had to be seeing all of my dear friends and noting the changes in them and also the tried and true attributes about each of them that were still the same. It was like stepping through the looking glass of time and remembering all of the laughter we had shared together so many years ago. Jen has become a dear friend to me and I was equally thrilled to see her in person, I feel like I know her so well through my daily read of her blog. I always told Chuck that whoever he married would have to be someone that I could love too and I’m happy to report that I do – she’s wonderful and stunningly beautiful in every way (Chuck buddy, you married up!! LOL). I will be posting a few pictures of the evening once I can import them from my camera!
It was so happy to see and visit with Brenda, Peter, Chuck and of course my best buddy Kent. We missed seeing Wayne and Kevin and of course the host of other boys that used to hang out with me and Brenda – we were lucky girls with lots of cute boys to hang out with all of the time. I highly recommend having several drooling boys and very few girls in a group – it is awesome because there’s always someone to dance with, plus boys are fun and give you lots of attention! I’m sure you all know now that I love attention!! HAHA
Thanks everyone for a wonderful walk down memory lane, can’t wait to get together again.

Jenthemom is in pink and I’m in Red.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I can’t let this day go by without letting my Mom know publicly that I love her! Happy Birthday Mom! You’ve always made each passing year such a fun and beautiful thing for each of your own children’s Birthday’s – I remember one of my favorite things growing up was asking you to tell me the story of when I was born. I loved that story so much and would ask for it over and over again in the weeks leading up to my Birthday. You always told it with enthusiasm, even when I’m sure you would have rather not relived it yet again with me – I think I demanded hearing it alot. My favorite part was when you’d tell about how they sent Dad home thinking that it was going to be a long time before I arrived, and then he went golfing and missed the big event!! I loved that part – it was so funny to me. I also remember how you told me that he brought you a dozen red roses to the hospital and I always thought that was so beautiful and romantic. Even as a child I had it in my mind that my future hubby would have to bring me roses when I delivered a brand new baby. I wanted to be like you Mom, I still do in so many ways. I love your tender heart and your generous nature. I love that you adore my kids with the same excitement as when you were raising us. It’s so wonderful to see you showing Dylan how to make cinnamon buns, or hearing you tell Joshy stories about Silver the Fish! I see my own childhood whenever you take that special time with my boys and let them know you – those are the greatest gifts ever and it’s no wonder that they adore you.
Thank you for always loving me even when I was totally unlovable. I know that many times in my life I said or did things that hurt or worried you – I’m so sorry that I caused you heartache. I’m so happy to be older and wiser now (at least a little bit). All in all Mom I’m just grateful that of all the Mommy’s in the world I got you! I’m blessed and lucky to have you in my life and that struck me to the core this year when Grandma died and I saw you deal with the loss of your own Mother. I don’t want anything like that to happen but if it ever did I would want to be sure that you know how much I love you and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for me, nights you waited up to make sure I came home safely. and yes even the time you called the Bishop to ask his advice on whether I should be allowed to go the the school dance in Junior High.
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday – I wish I could be there to hug you and watch you blow out all those candles!! HAHA!
As Grandma would say “Don’t eat too much cake”

"Look at you. You have a baby…in a bar!!"

My life suddenly reminded me of the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” on Friday night when my husband and I got ready to attend dinner with his classmates from Dental school. It was a Christmas celebration and mostly just a “yay, we’re done exams” kind of get together for everyone to say Merry Christmas and exchange small $5.00 gifts. We packed up our new Little Noah and headed out for what was sure to be a wonderful meal and then we’d run over to the church for their big Christmas party and just say hello to a few people. When we got to the restaurant I knew we’d made a big error in judgement but calmy followed my husband’s lead into the dark, noisy establishment to find his classmates. All around us people were smiling, staring – judging me with their glances and I immediately felt the uncomfortable realization that I was in the movie and Reese Witherspoon was saying her classic line of “Look at you. You have a baby…in a bar!!”
Yes, we were in fact in a bar with our 3 week old child. Yes, the waitress came over and asked us to leave “um, Miss- I’m sorry but you’ll have to go, you can’t have a baby in here.” Well duh, like I really wanted to stay and subject my new baby to that anyway -obviously we didn’t get the full information about the establishment before we planned our evening! Mmm…perhaps the tip off that it was a bar might have come from the fact that the name of the place was SPECKLE BELLY’S. Not a name synonomous with fine cusine!
The highlight of the 10 minutes we stayed to say Hi and Bye came when my Husband opened his gift from his classmate and was now the proud owner of a box of flavored condoms! It may have been in poor taste (no pun intended) but we both thought it was hysterical since he’s one of the youngest in his dental class but has 4 kids whilce most of them are still dating and being all young and unattached. So while they each opended their boxes of chocolates, socks and sun tan lotion my hubby was winking at me and laughing with his new prize.
We cracked up carrying our new little Noah out to the car and leaving the bar to head over to the Church!! Nothing like that kind of vast exposure! LOL!

brunette thinking RED!

My hair is normally brown with a few copper colored highlights, but when Nate took this picture of me this week my hair looked Red and I have to admit that I really like it! I’ve colored it red before but it was quite different than this. I’m thinking that I might be due for a change here to red for the New Year. Mmmmm…..what do you think?? Do Red Heads have more fun????!!!
Hair is showing up Red - TA DA!!

So far behind

I’m at the point with my Christmas shopping that I’m ready to plop down in the middle of the checkout eisle and bawl my eyes out! I have SO much to do, so many people to finish shopping for and instead of being a fun thing it’s really turning into a stressful task. We only have so much room in our van (especially with 4 kids now) to bring all those gifts with us to visit our families for Christmas break. It looks like I will be hitting the malls on Christmas Eve just to get finished – arrgh! Is there anyone out there that’s in the same boat as me? Please tell me that you all still have the BULK of your shopping still to do or I’m gonna pout big time!

Shower That Baby!!

I am really lucky to have some amazing friends close by, we’ve been the recipients of some incredible service over the past few weeks and last night was no exception. My dear friends Maja and Sara threw a wonderful baby Shower for me and Noah. It was a great evening filled with lots of laughs, a few tears (mostly from me cuz I’m still so emotional and hormonal!), and just lots of fun. It’s always interesting to get a group of gals together and see what topics come up – we had a blast! The party was intimate and really great – about 10 ladies were there which worked perfectly because everyone felt that they could visit with everyone else and it wasn’t too overwhelming. I totally didn’t expect a shower – especially with this being my 4th baby but it really lifted my spirits and made me appreciate my life even more. Some of the girls gave Noah cute baby clothes but I also got beautiful handmade cards with offers of free baby-sitting, house cleaning, and even several frozen meals to put into my freezer and use when I’m just too tired to cook dinner! What an awesome idea! I highly recommend a service type shower for any new Mommy who’s just plum tuckered out and needing that little boost to help get her through. It also made me excited to be able to do things like this for others – I’m feeling inspired to give and it makes it even more poignant that it’s the Christmas season when we all should try to do whatever we can to bless the lives of those around us.
Has someone in your life gone the extra mile to make you feel happier or make your life easier lately? Or have you done something special for those around you? I’d love to hear your stories of service and charity especially at this perfect time of year – come on, inpire me even more and share your moments with all of us. :)