Low Maintenance = ugly!!

OK I’ve been running on little sleep, rushed food, tending sick kids and crying every time I catch a glimpse of the tummy fat left over from having Noah a few days ago! I told my husband that I’m running with the new philosophy of being LOW MAINTENANCE about my appearance these days but truly it’s just code word for ugly. At least by calling my appearance low maintenance it actually sounds like a “plan”. Maybe by saying that I look like I’m following a pre-meditated regiem of beauty rituals (or lack thereof).
Here’s to all those Movie Stars and Super Models who have their new babies and look stunning the next day – they must be getting tummy tucks and botox as their kid is popping out! If I ever have another child I’m arranging to have a massage therapist, my hair dresser, and a personal stylist to be at my side in the hospital while I’m pushing! You just know that all of those pictures are gonna circulate over the years of a beautiful, sweet little pink and rosy baby and the Mommy who looks like she was hit by a truck and dragged for a mile.

Exhaustion haults blogging

I’m officially dead on my feet. With our new baby Noah home from the hospital this week and all of my other children sick with this horrible cough, cold, fever I’m about done in! I’m up so many times in the night for feedings and especially taking care of sick kids – oh how I dream of a few nights when the older kids will sleep through and I only have to wake to feed Noah. Anyway, I have had several things that I wanted to blog about over the past few days but they are all blurry right now so bear with me and keep checking in, I’ll eventually have something to share! LOL!

MMM…it's good Mom!!

I’m still getting used to all the extra excitment and chaos of having a new little baby in the house again. It’s a whole new ball game though with a three year old and a two year old both toddling around and getting into mischeif! The other day I had finished pumping milk for Noah and put the containers in the fridge to store them. I ran downstairs to talk to Nathan about something and was gone for maybe three minutes. I walked into the living room and the empty milk containers were strewn about on the living room floor – I couldn’t believe that the caps even gave way for my kids, I used all of my Mommy power to seal those puppies! The next realization was that there was actually no milk on the carpet. Suddenly I get a tug on my pant leg and look down into the sweet face of my three year old Joshy – “MMMM…it’s delicious Mommy! It’s good Mom!” I cracked up, “Joshy, did you drink it?”
“Yes Mom, it’s good!” – I then tried to explain that it was Noah’s milk but was met with the arguement “No, it’s Joshy’s Milk – I like it. Some more Mom!”

Dairy Producers beware – there’s a new game in town!! LOL

Noah's Birth

Our new little boy was born on Nov.18th at 7:45am. He was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long with tons and tons of the most gorgeous black hair. He looks so much like his daddy and so we’ve named him Noah Nathaniel Muirhead. The delivery was extremely difficult, I went in to be induced at 8:30 am on the 17th and he wasn’t born until the next morning. The contractions this time were excruciating and the epidural didn’t work (in fact they had to try it 3 times and it still didn’t take). Unfortunately when they did the second attempt the anesthesiologist went too far into my spine and got what’s called a wet tap where the needle goes past the nerve and into the spinal fluid causing a leak. I started to experience dizziness, vomiting and a “wet tap” headache that they refer to as the “headache from hell” because it’s so debilitating. I tried very hard to get through with pain medication but ending up having to have a procedure called a “blood patch” which is in fact yet another epidural but this time they took a bunch of my own blood and put it into the hole that they make in the spine. This blood patch causes the pressure to re-stabilize by clotting the hole where the fluid had been leaking out. I have never had so much pain in my entire life as I went through these past few days and it all paled in comparison when our Noah came out and it was decided that he would have to go to Neo-Natal Intensive Care and be but on a ventilator. His little lungs weren’t working quite right and so I only held him for a minute or two before he was whisked away and when I finally saw him again I couldn’t hold him as he was attached to so many machines and tubes. I have been literally heartbroken at seeing my precious little boy in the incubator with so many tubes and wires. It’s been an exhausting weekend and then on Sunday I was released from the hospital without my baby. I have never cried so hard, prayed so hard or been so upset.

The wonderful news now is that Noah is responding so well to his treatment, he’s off the tubes and wires, he’s eating full feeds through a bottle, and just this afternoon I was told that I can bring him home tomorrow!! Thank you so much for your loving prayers, sweet emails, and your support – Our family is truly blessed and our new little guy will be home with us very soon. Our other children are thrilled and excited as they haven’t even been allowed to see their new brother yet in NICU so I’m sure that it will be a wonderful evening with all of our children safe and sound together at home.

Love to all of you!
Daria & Nathan
And of course little Noah as well :0)


It’s 7:00am and I just got a call from the hospital that my induction is happening this morning!! Just wanted to let all of my fellow blogging friends know that I”ll be delivering my new baby boy today!! They’ll start the induction at 8:30am and I’m nervous and excited to finally meet my little boy. I won’t be on here for a few days obviously so take care everyone and thanks again for your support!!

Late night giggle

Last night around 2am Brigs woke up totally inconsolable. I took him downstairs finally, tucked him under a cozy blanket and turned on a quiet Care-bears show for him to watch. When I went back up to bed Nathan was totally giggling away. I wondered what I had done that was soo funny to him. He then jokingly saying “Anybody wanna go for a Swim?” and starts laughing hysterically. I had no idea what he was talking about at all, was he using this as some strange pick up line on me? I decided to use my brilliant powers of reasoning and deduction and asked “What?!!!”
He then says “Hey don’t look at me, you designed the Protocol!!”(followed by more giddy laughter). I was laughing too, I had no idea what my husband was talking about but the fact that he found himself so amusing was hilarious to me. Then I said “Honey, is this one of your 1/2 asleep, 1/2 awake conversations?”
To which the reply was “Well, it’s not anymore you wacko!!” Then he giggled again and rolled over snoring before he could say anything else.
Um – yea and I’m the WACKO!!!

DREAM WEAVER is Crowned!

Hey thanks to each of you for your interpretations of my crazy preggo dream. I enjoyed reading your take on what it all might have meant. I had so many suggestions from the Love of CHEESE, to Manolo shoes (oooo I wish!!), to Vinnie Barbarino – LOL!! They all cracked me up, so thanks for bringing a smile to my face this week! I have decided that the Daria’s Life Dream Weaver is Ann D who’s analysis just felt so bang on to me – she’s got a FABULOUS blog too so I have got to give her props!! The Queen of Dreams Ann D. Here’s her link!!

The Mother of All Blogs

I couldn’t possibly crown our new Dream Queen without honorable mention to all of the people who also took the time to analyze and post! Thanks to the Queen’s Court of Daria’s life. Check out these people’s blogs too – you all rock!


Garrison Steelle


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Keeper of the Holy Zucchini



I’ve been meaning to blog about my trip to the drugstore a few weeks ago. In the corner of the make-up section was a huge display for Britney Spears new perfume “Curious”, and to tell you the honest truth I was curious. I wondered what kind of scent Miss Britney would come up with as her introduction to the Perfume world. I stepped up to the tester and sprayed my wrist. As expected the perfume smelled Cheap and gave me a headache…I am no longer curious.