That Sinking Feeling-A Rebuttal

We all know it. Like a 12 story drop from West Edmonton Mall’s Drop of Doom. Let me point out that I was no where near a mall, and completely grounded when my heart sunk yesterday. In case you haven’t guessed yet, this is Nathan and I’m a Forgetful Person (I imagine a crowd chanting back “Hi Nathan”). I’ve tried to deny it over the years, even work on it, but if you ask my family, friends or colleagues they all have a story of when I have misplaced, lost, deserted or forgotten some event, something, someone. Alas my past is littered with lost sweatshirts, countless searches for keys and one terrible terrible frantic search for a 2 year-old in a department store-or more recently a parking stub.

Ever stick your hand in your pocket and find money you’d forgotten about? This is the exact opposite. Several hours after being dropped off ever so sweetly by my wife and children I was strolling down a hallway lost in my thoughts about something or other only to be interrupted by a what’s that? Imagine my surprise when I pulled out the parking stub. Picture my face as I ground to a halt realizing what this meant–first for my wife and then slowly following-for me. Several hours had past so it was highly highly unlikely she was still trapped in the parking lot. So I pondered what she must have done, er rather, gone through to get out. Trapped in a busy and fixed schedule for the day I carried on and as you may have guessed forgotten about the whole thing.

That is until I called home, with the utmost of concern for my ailing wife, to check in. No details are necessary. “Read my blog” was part of the conversation. I came home fully exposed for the absent-minded person I am on the internet some crying for flesh and punishment, others for bribery and reward.

I cooked dinner tonight. Cleaned the kitchen (and 3 days of dishes) and the living room. Penance. Oh and did I mention the gross gross amount of money I spent on my wife’s new camera? Please internet give me redemption.

Fair Warning!

I was just having this sweet and tender discussion with my 3 year old about the new baby. We talk about the baby all of the time, he kisses my stomach and thinks he’s pregnant too. We want to try and prepare the kids as much as possible for all the changes that take place when a new little one arrives and starts sucking up all of your time (not to mention money, boobs, etc.! LOL).
Anyway, I was just saying “Joshy, you know that when the baby comes he’s going to be really small”
“OK mom!”
“Joshy, babies sometimes cry alot when they are little. Will you love the baby and hug him if he cries?”
TA DA…. my son’s honest response
“Baby cries I punch him!”
Oh man, tune in over the next few months to see if we make it through. At least he gave me fair warning!!

Comedy of Errors – the story of my husband!

Honey I adore you – you know I do but I have a bone to pick with you buddy and it might as well be here for all to see!!
This morning while dropping off my Dental Student husband at the hospital so he could go on rotations, he pulled into the paid parking lot and hopped out of the van. Kissing me and the kids goodbye for the day I watched him happily jump into the elevator on his way to his big day. I hobbled around the car, buckled up my big belly and started to drive to the exit. (you know, the kind with the big old Imposing arm that holds you in until you pay?). I reached onto the dash to grab the little parking ticket and my heart sank…he took it with him! Oh great, I have no idea where in that huge hospital to find him, I’m having contractions and have two kids under 3 with me – I’m not about to drag them kicking and screaming through the sterile corridors just for a measly ticket.
I then have a brainstorm…I pull up to the entrance and hop out of the van, I press the button thinking I’m brilliant and that I’ll just get a NEW ticket and be on my way. No chance baby, thanks for playing. Apparently the wise parking ticket police have set it up so that you actually need the weight of a vehicle on their sensor in order to have a ticket come out. I look at my ever growing belly and start wondering to myself if I can just jump the right way maybe the sensor could still pick up the weight of my 8 month preggo body and think that I’m a car!! I don’t know if I felt more elated or annoyed that it didn’t work but hey I’m sure the older gentleman at the front door in his hospital gown, smoking his cigs got a good laugh out of it. (*note to self…when feeling fat remember you don’t weight as much as your van!). I must admit in my frustration that I did think they were pretty brillian,t after all if it weren’t the case many people who park there for days on end would be able to just run up to the front gate pay a buck and be happy little fools that they were brilliant like me!
I got back into the van and finally succumbed to the realization that I had no more light bulb moments on the way, Begging was my only option now. As I approached the exit there is no attendant in sight only a big red sign that reads…HAVE YOUR TICKET READY, NO ATTENDANT ON DUTY. Umm…can I cry now? I drive up to the gate and push the HELP ME I’m TRAPPED and have exhausted all possibilities button, The cars and vans are lining up behind me, children are getting older, people are getting cranky, horns start beeping, I’m sure I was called a few interesting names as I waited for the response on the speaker. I plead my case and the lady LAUGHED at me! YEP she laughed (she’d been watching the whole thing on the video feed of the parking lot!!). Kindly she said “just hang on one second” and punched in some numbers into her control panel…suddenly I was free! Free to drive….free to breathe again…free to leave that darn hospital. The kids even cheered (of their own accord) when we started to move.
Yes every word is true! Yes….hubby is in for it when he gets home. I doubt that I even need to mention he’ll be riding on the bus tonight, this taxi has taken her last passenger for the day!

Mother-In-Laws – have you got one?

I am so excited! My Mother-in-law is coming to visit us! Now before you think I’m totally insane I just want to share the uniqueness of the relationship that we have you so can understand. She & I were in fact “friends” and good friends at that before I even met my husband! Hilarious I know! I am what seems to be one of the very few people in the world who love to have their MIL come and visit. We enjoy so many of the same things, in fact we’re very much alike in alot of ways. My father-in-law calls us affectionately the psychic twins because it’s almost eerie how we can finish each others sentences or come up with the same thoughts at the same time.
So now that I’ve spilled the beans to all of you I’d love to know, what’s your relationship like with your own MIL?? Am I the only one in the Universe that would actually willingly and excitedly choose to spend time with my mother-in-law? So tell me, do you get along with your in-laws? Love ‘em?? Be honest I won’t email them to let them know if you don’t I promise. I realize that I’m just a rare entity! LOL!
I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting topic to check back in on! :)

The Amazing Invisible Joshy!

I just adore my little kids, they come up with the cutest stuff. My three year old truly believes that he is totally invisible when he closes his eyes. I love to play with him and pretend right along with him. He does this in the mornings sometimes when I drop him off to play at Debbie’s house. I’ll look into the back seat and he’s sitting there with his eyes closed tightly and a HUGE grin on his face. I’ll have to take a picture so you can see how precious this look is. Anyway I come around to his side of the car and go through a whole dramatic investigation to “find” where Joshy could possibly be. It totally cracks me up and is so endearing to watch your kids be creative and imaginative. I love the stage he’s at right now…finally through those terrible two’s and into the really fun Three’s!

Are you new here?

I’ve just signed up for Blog Explosion at the advice of my good friend who blogs JEN THE MOM (her link is on the right side). I’m curious to see how many hits I get and how many new faces will peek in and say hello.
Have a great day and leave a hello comment so I can check out your sites too! :)

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Misery in So many ways!

OK, I’m not afraid to admit to everyone that I have HORRIBLE pregnancies. I see so many women that breeze thorugh and have no major complaints and I just can’t relate. I seem to be destined to battle constant throwing up, leg cramps that wake me in the middle of the night in agony, swollen ankles, crying at the drop of a hat, contractions a month in advance of my due date (and they are regular and painful too!), not to mention my anemia which causes me to blackout, iron injections twice a week to get my blood pressure up, and the sharp shooting pains I have been experincing in my lower abdomen.

I feel like a total wreck these days and the worst is when someone calls me up and asks that dreaded question “So how are you doing?” I just don’t know what to say. I find myself evaluating whether I should lie to them sugar coat it and say “GREAT!!!” or like I told my friend Maja the other day “Girl, I’m miserable! So how are you doing??”. I seem to at least get a laugh with the second one but I don’t like feeling like a negative person at all. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to meet this new little person and welcome him to our family. I LOVE BABIES! I just wish I didn’t have to have 4 pregnancies full of torture to get my kids here.

I swear people think I’m insane to be having a new baby right now but I’ve always wanted to have alot of kids. I adore my crazy, energetic children! Anyway, I guess I just needed to vent about these past several months of hospital stays and bedrest with those big old fat feet up on pillows because I know that many women experince dream pregnancies. I’m just not one of them. I hope that through all of it at least I value my children even more because it takes so much out of me to get them here into the world.

Anyway, here’s to the next few weeks of pregnancy, I hope they’ll pass by without too much ruckus but I’m not sure because I’m having consistant 12 minutes apart contractions today so maybe we can get a move on and meet this baby a bit early. GULP!! LOL!

Party for Two

So many of my stories about my kids seem to happen when we’re in the car driving and today is not exception. We were driving along and on the radio comes the Shania Twain – Party for Two song. I look in the rear view mirror and Joshy is “rockin’ out” to the music. It was darling! Then Shania says in the song “SHAKE IT, SHAKE IT!” and Joshy pipes up ” Mommy – SHAKE IT! Shake it MOM! You can do it!” I totally cracked up – so I kinda bobbed along and swung my hands in the air with him. He says “Good job Mom! Good Shakin’!”