It's my Birthday!!

Well it’s the BIG time now. I am officially “in”my thirties! I turned 31 today and I’m not really thrilled about it – which says alot for me because I LOVE Birthday’s. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m just thinking back to when that show Thirty Something was on television and remembering that I thought those actors were so old then, and how it would be a LONG time before I was ever Thirty Something!
My day started with a sweet email Birthday card from my sister Courtnee, and one from my dear friend Debbie. Then my Auntie Elaine popped by and brought me a big bunch of flowers!! What a sweet gesture, I just felt so special that she came over and did that! I will add more to this story as the day unfolds but just needed to get it off my chest that yes I’m older but as my son Dylan told me this morning before school – “thank goodness you’re still cute!!” at least I have that on my side!! LOL!

Adding on here – this day has been filled with wonderful Birthday phone calls from Nicole, Elizabeth, my friend Kent and my baby Brother Brett (though not a baby at all!!). I also just heard from my amazing Mother-in-law as well. Unfortunetly my panic about the possibility that she might suprise me by driving out here, and walk in to a messy house made her decision quite easy and she is not coming today :0(
Next year I’ll keep quiet!! LOL!! I just had this feeling that she might try to come and asked my sisters in law to tell me if it was even a remote possibility so I could you know, tidy, sweep, BLEACH the house!! LOL!! Little did I know that plans were kind of in the works but my panic made the decision alot easier for Mom and I’m sad that I won’t see you today – I loved our conversation on the phone and yes I totally understand. I’m just glad you love me – quirks and all!!!
I’m just waiting for my guys to get home now and I’ll post more about my Birthday evening later or tomorrow.

E.T.'s Killer!!!

Oh my gosh! My Joshy is in tears, I mean full on tears streaming down his face hysterics and it’s all my fault!! I ordered him the most AMAZING E.T. plush toy for Christmas. He has a light up finger and when you press him he says a tons of different sayings. Joshy is “in love” with the movie so much – I mean the kid is just crazy for E.T. and as soon as I saw it I knew that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for him.
Well, it arrived today and it’s wonderful!! I left it in the box it was shipped in and put it up on our shelf thinking that when the kids were out of the way I’d move it upstairs and hide it well. The phone rang and as I ran up to answer it I heard his excited squeal of delight as he exlaimed “Mommy!!! It’s E.T!!!!” My heart sank, and sped up all at the same time. I quickly ran downstairs and snatched it away from him before he could discover that it actually talks too!!! Now the hysterics start as he looks at me like I’m the Devil himself come to torment him by dangling his most fond dream in front of him and then laughing wickedly as I snatch it away. I’ve tried to distract him, console him, love the kid up – so far he’s just an emotional wreck. I have the feeling this is going to be one of those memories burned into his mind forever of me, I’m sure it will come up at dinner sometime with me & Nathan and Joshy’s future in-laws (much like the hamster story!! but true this time!!).
He’s running around right now calling “E.T.! Where are you????!!!” Oh my heart can’t take it – tell me I did the right thing (even if you don’t think so!!). I’m destined to be remembered as E.T.’s killer in my little boys eyes.

Brigham's prayer

This morning my Brigs jumped up on the side of the bed beside me. He folded his little arms and bowed his head and closed his eyes. About 5 seconds later he looked up at me with the most dazzling grin and exclaimed “Amen!” Oh how that little boy touched my heart. I felt like I must have done something right as his Mother for him to want to share that moment with me.

Beautiful day

Today as I sat in church with my little ones I knew that I was so blessed. They finally are learning not to run out of the chapel during the meeting and even though they fuss about somewhat, they were really quite good and sweet. I was so proud of them today for allowing Nathan and I to be able to sit and be edified. It’s always so amazing to me to go to my meetings and feel of the spirit and the messages that are presented there. I felt that special warmth thoughout the day and enjoyed the friendships that I have built here. It’s going to be a hard adjustment in a few years to leave this city – I never thought I would ever say that! When Nathan is finished dental school we’ll be off to make our way in the world and leave behind this lovely city and church as well. I’m sure that we have friendships here that will last for years to come but realistically many of them won’t. It’s just a delight to belong to a place where so many people are in the same position as we are with school, student loans and a young family. I’m glad to know that we aren’t the only ones in this stage of life, it’s also a blessing to see other families with older children and teenagers who are doing well and have successfully made it past the huge loan debt monster too! I have lots of dreams and hopes for the future of our family and when I see other families who are doing it and have made it to that point it feels like it’s all possible.

Big Kid!!

OK I admit it – I’m a big kid! I could never wait for Christmas to arrive, a few weeks early I’d gather together my brother and sister and we’d scour the house looking for where Mom might have hidden the presents. I actually unwrapped and re-wrapped presents a few years (yes Courtnee did it too Mom!) because I just had no patience at all. Well yesterday my Birthday gift arrived in the mail from my parents and I held off for a few hours but eventually had to dive into it!! LOL! Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts Mom and Dad – I felt really loved and spoiled! Sorry that I couldn’t hold off until my actual B-day but I am sure you’d guessed that I wouldn’t be able to. Hee hee

Should I worry?

I just got back from my routine preggo checkup today. I’m a bit worried because the baby is situated right now bum down and is really far down. The doctor says that if he hasn’t turned by my next appointment that they’ll book another ultrasound and consider “turning” the baby manually!! Ok does this freak anyone else out as much as it does me? I’m going to be calling Uncle Marc and Aunt Maggie tonight to ask as much as I can about this “turning” procedure (I’m sure he knows everything about it – I think she said it was called External Cephalic Version) – apparently it’s not a pleasant experince.

They do not even attempt to deliver breech babies anymore, if they don’t turn on their own and the procedures are unsuccessful then it’s an automatic c-section. So I know it’s a bit pre-mature to worry at this point but if you all could pray for this baby to turn on his own I would be most grateful!