Breast or wing?

Joshy (3 years) is just fascinated with women’s chests and has been since he was tiny. Yesterday he came up to me, grabbed my chest and looked up with a sweet face. “Nice Mommy, Nice!” and then giggled and said “there you go.” and toddled off.

Apparently he felt that I needed some reassurance.

Don't tell Dylan that I shared this! THE WHALE STORY!!

Some of our family already knows this but I wanted to forever capture it as one of those classic HILARIOUS Dylan moments.

My Dad came into town to drive me back home this summer while I’ve been so ill with my pregnancy. Nathan, Dad and all the boys decided to go for a walk that night and I stayed home on the couch and turned on the TV to pass the time. I ended up turning on a discovery channel type show about whales. Just then Dylan and my Dad came back to the house and sat down with me to watch. Suddenly on the t.v. screen they decided to show several shots of whales aggressively mating. I was just about to hop up and change the channel when Dylan says “Hey Mom, what’s that thing coming out of that whale? Is that a ROBOT arm?” to which suddenly the commentary comes on and says “and the male moves his GIGANTIC penis….” Dylan pause “That’s a penis?!!!!!” Dylan exlaims loudly. “That’s a Mighty Huge penis!!!!!!!”
By this time my dad is just about rolling on the floor in laughter. But the hysterics just kept on coming with Dylan’s next observation. “What is he doing to that other whale? Is he poking it in the EYE???!!!”
Needless to say we’re having several talks about reproduction, sex and how the body works. Discussions are definitely in order.

Do you have any funny stories to share about when you each learned about sex? Please share them with me, I would love to hear!

The kiss and wipe

Joshy my enthusiastic and adorable 3 year old is now employing a new tactic to his hilarious repitore. I can’t belive that my sweet angel comes up and says “Kiss Mommy, kiss mommy” and then when I give him one he Wipes it off his face!! He’s proud to wipe it off to and makes no effort to hide the fact that I apparently now have girl germs!

Oh my baby is growing up, I think I felt the apron strings pull tighter for a moment and cut off my circulation.

Dylan at the Circus

While at the Circus on Saturday the ring master woman stands up and announces that now they will be selling the coveted Circus coloring books and that “all the parents should buy them and give one to a POOR UNFORTUNATE child who didn’t get to go to the circus today”. Dylan looks at me and says with his sweet innocent face “don’t believe it mom they’re just trying to scam you.” then he gives his classic Dylan pause and comes out with “besides I don’t think that the unfortunate children have crayons anyway!”
I love that kid – he’s so dang cute!!

Our Day at the Circus

At the Circus
We went on a family outing on Saturday to the Circus. Nathan and I were so excited – we love taking our kids on family outings
and thought that the two little ones especially would be engrossed by all the action. True to form we spent $28.00 for admission for
Nathan and I (the kids were free), but ended up spending most of the Circus out in the Stadium hallway. The kids lasted about 15 minutes and then
it was just all too exciting and they needed to be FREE to run. We ended up leaving the show early as we were just plum tuckered out after running around that huge stadium and up and down the stairs. Thankfully Dylan our 10 year old had a wonderful time! Note to self, wait till the children are
10 before taking them out anywhere! The food was the biggest hit of the day by far, can’t beat cotton candy and popcorn when you’re a kid!

Being a Mother

I often think it’s so odd that some women take to Motherhood so easily while others like myself struggle daily with “how to BE a Mom”. Take my sisters-in-law for example, both of them are young mothers with babies a few months old and yet it amazes me how they have taken to Motherhood like a duck to water! I feel like I struggle everyday with my 3 (almost 4) children in doing the simplist of routines etc. I always thought that being a Mom would be easy, all you really have to do is Love your kids – WRONG!! I’m learning that you need to do research, reading, study and ask tons and tons of questions. Not only that but be open to suggestions that others make when they see you struggling – I get lots of advice! LOL! Not that I don’t apprieciate it, because I truly do. I just think I need one big manual for motherhood designed specifically for the raising of my individual children and then I need the time to read it! :0)
Anyway, to all those Mom’s out there that I admire and look up to – I salute you in the most difficult profession on the planet. Thanks for your examples that push me to be a better mom to my kids.


I was thinking today about a very special lady who taught me in my Young Women’s program. Her name
was Vivian Bracko and she died of Cancer several years ago. One of my favorite memories of her is of learning
this poem that we said as a group in church one Sunday. It’s since become one of my favorite memorizations and makes
me feel closer to this special woman who truly touched my life and made me feel important to her when I was a teenager.

“Supposing today was your last day on earth,
the last mile of your journey you’d trod. After
all of your struggles how much are you worth, how
much can you take home to God?

Don’t count as possessions your silver and gold,
for tommorrow you leave them behind. And all that is yours
to have and to hold, are the blessings you’ve given man-kind.

We are only suppossing, but if it were real and you’d invoice
the deeds from your birth. And figure the profits you’ve made in
life’s deal – how much are you really worth?